Friday, 28 June 2013


If there is one thing that I have learnt in 5 years 'inside' Jersey politics it is that the more important to democracy and political transparency an issue is then the less likely it is to see most of the Great and the Good turn up to a meeting. This Monday's question and answer session held at the 'Societe Jersiaise' proved this disappointing phenomena to be true once again.
The States Assembly has 51 Members. Yet only 17 who had not had the benefit of a rumoured 80-odd pounds-per-head slap up meal at the Atlantic Hotel bothered to come along!
That there were no banana daiquiris or prawn cocktails really isn't any excuse...
Given that recent times have seen a staggering abuse of justice including manipulation of  the Data Protection Law about which no one could talk about upon threat of arrest - this resulting in 'top secret' court proceedings against a former politician.  The hijacking of the electoral reform process to cement inequality; not to forget exposes of Jurats happy to both disregard evidence against sickening paedophile friends and subsequently flout the rules to sit on cases where other mates were directly involved - when put under the spotlight this really can mean only one thing.
Most of  Jersey's elected representatives are either too scared to stand up for what should lie at the very core of every democracy in the world - or simply do not care a jot about justice in the first place So long, it would seem, as it doesn't impact on them personally. Frankly politicians falling into either category should be identified and hounded out of office before it is too late. In the first instance perhaps being forced to study the famous saying of Pastor Neimoller.
It would be embarrassing to raise any local justice issues with the Committee...
The order highlighted above, passed down from the apex of Gorst and Bailhache's Team Feudal, should have sent alarm bells ringing straightaway. Indeed, I actually sought out the 'ministerial aide' who had come out with this nonsense and pointed out the chances of my complying with this was on a par with Luis Suarez giving up snacking on defenders' arms.
Yet for all of these worries  I was still glad that I had gone along. Otherwise I would never have got to learn that, in voicing my concerns about the hard and undeniable facts that those who control Jersey 'justice' continue to sanction appalling abuses against those who are either not sufficiently wealthy; or dare rock the Establishment boat were not supported by the likes of Constables Juliette Gallichan and Phil Rondel.
Now no surprise when considering Constable Gallichan.  As she made quite clear only a few short weeks ago she was adamant that I definitely 'did not speak for her' in apologising to the tragic victim of abuse in the Dean suspension case, poor, vulnerable HG. But Constable Rondel? Whatever could have happened here? Only a couple of weeks ago he was telling me how he totally agreed that John Le Breton of Jervis-Dykes abuse case shame should NEVER have been allowed to become a Jurat (lay judge)*

Independence? No thank you!

Interestingly, Constable Rondel did speak at length about what he felt had been the bullying and unfair treatment of Jersey by the UK over the 'last 20 years'. A bit surprised by the 20 years statement many of us were. To most of us interested in justice the worst failing on the part of Westminster has been the policy of just turning a blind eye to abuses of justice and bad governance where they know they actually have an obligation to step in.

However, though having to qualify this with the observation that it was pretty foolish for any to set up and come to rely on an industry which was built on a tax loop-hole I do have some sympathy with Phil's views on Jersey's comparative singling out for action over LVCR.

Nevertheless, when the issue of 'independence' came up in the session the Constable and I part company. He expressed that it would be a good thing. Independence in my view would lead, within a decade or two, to financial and social ruin. It would also lead to political abuse of the 'justice' system on a truly terrifying scale due to the lack of ethics/morals on the part of those Establishment figures at the top who crave this unfettering of power desperately.

Indeed, I must say that I also found the Constable's expression of support for independence somewhat surprising given that both the 'Rondel Twins' in the States have expressed deep concerns about young James increasingly falling under the totalitarian spell of 'The Man Who Would Be King'.
Its our report - but you're paying for it all...
Another fact that had I not gone along I never would have known was that according to the Chairman, though the Committee was here to follow-up their 2010 report; the cost of everything involved was going to be down to the Jersey taxpayer.

No problem with that at all - so long as the Committee actually don't buy into the Gorst and Bailhache propaganda and do what they are meant to do: i.e. listen to the concerns of Jersey people and those handful of politicians, Shona Pitman, me, Mike Higgins and Montfort Tadier brave enough to tell the truth.
And I'm afraid this also means treating the appalling abuse of justice that continues to allow an unelected judge lord it as 'president' of the States with the same commitment to 21st century reform that Westminster has forced upon to Sark. The 'dual role' of the Jersey Bailiff, after all, as has been pointed out by eminent local lawyer, Philip Sinel is far, far worse.
What exactly had the Committee been fed at the Atlantic? (no pun intended!)
I posit the question because until the above facts were pointed out by Shona, we were initially getting the fob off that discarding the anachronism of the Bailiff was down to the people and the States. Non recognition or understanding seemed apparent of the insidious structuring of the generations old 'Jersey Way.
It was even suggested that the Committee had been given no examples where the two conflicting roles overlapped from justice into the political. Fortunately I was able to intervene and  use the recent example of a Bailiff quickly putting on his 'Head of the Legislature' hat to stop a personal statement strongly criticising him in his wearing of his other hat as 'Head of the Judiciary'.
The examples given to the Committee flowed after this with the pointing out of how the propaganda they had received from the likes of Gorst, Bailhache and co of there being no problematic overlap was errant and dangerous nonsense. The Chief Judge could stop an elected member speaking; he could block perfectly legitimate questions; he could let Ministers get away with stonewalling and waffling to ride out question time. Et cetera...
A light in the darkness...
Perhaps most encouraging of all was that eventually the Committee finally conceded that the plethora of hugely varied abuses of justice that Deputy Mike Higgins and I were now working on probably did fall within the UK Justice Select Committee's mandate.
Yes, even my and Shona's own attempted shafting via failures within the monitoring of the jurat system of which the Jersey Evening Pravda and Broadlands are keeping so manfully silent about in the hope of getting away with a beneficial ruling that would be laughed out of court in North Korea on Human Rights grounds.
The above recognition was actually voiced by the Rt. Hon. Elfyn Llwyd M.P. who a number of us agreed, though not talking as much as his colleagues actually seemed to have a better grasp of the subtle but hugely important issues at stake here. Which was probably just as well.
For Deputy Sean Power - though being at great pains to tell us that he totally respected yours truly, Shona, Mike Higgins and Montfort Tadier for the huge amount of work we do on behalf of people told the Committee that he felt in voicing our concerns about injustice we spoke for only 'a small number of people' who shared those views!
You can still have a say - make sure that you do!
Still, for all of that the session did end on a positive note. Under pressure from Shona the Committee's Chairman, Sir Alan Beith, did agree that submissions which had had a cut off date of the 10th May could now be sent to the Justice Select Committee right up until the 10th of July instead. Send them to this address:
If you care about justice and putting an end to Jersey's 'justice' system and our 'Law' Office instead using the legal apparatus to enforce political and economic oppression please make 30 minutes in your schedule to send them an e-mail. I haven't yet I confess. But busy as I always am, and as so many of you will be PLEASE ensure that you now do. Our future might depend on it...
Keep the Faith

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


I outline below my written questions for next week's States Sitting. As I posted earlier, I unfortunately have had to postpone the intended report on the Justice Select Committee meeting with States Members due to picking up a flat tyre; and then needing to rush out again for the Parish Assembly. But this post will go up on Friday latest.

Those readers who follow the blog regularly will also notice that the questions below make reference to issues that we have still had no clear answers to despite well-focused efforts. No apologies for this whatsoever - questions that are passed by the system - however flawed it might be - should in turn then be given the courtesy of full and accurate answers.

When this does not happen, as is all too often the case, then the only thing to do is keep asking again, and again, and again.Brief comments on the background to each question is also provided underneath.

Written questions to Minister for Home Affairs

 'Has the Minister now handed over all details to officers undertaking ‘Operation Elvedon’ relating to the information he advised the Assembly had been leaked to a UK journalist during a live child abuse investigation by Mr. Gradwell?' 


Remember all the fuss made by people like Ben Shenton, Jim Perchard, Sean Power and co when they were trying (unsuccessfully) to link Lenny Harper's name to stories about Police Officers leaking information to national newspaper? 

Well, in stark contrast none of these individuals had anything to say at all about the expose by Citizens' Media that Mr. Gradwell - sickeningly portrayed by the Jersey Evening Pravda as a 'whistle-blower' - was named as leaking information to such newspapers; and done so whilst the Haut de la Garenne investigation was still live.

The Home Affairs Minister promised he would answer this question. But he hasn't. So I am back. Finally, just remember, this is not really about money but professional standards and trust. Indeed, in the UK a high ranking Met Officer was actually jailed earlier this year for this very thing...

Written question to Minister for Home Affairs

'Given that two independent businessmen have alleged that documents, including police witness statements, relating to the Dean’s suspension and the HG abuse case were read in view of passengers on a flight from Gatwick on 21st March 2013 by the Assistant Chief Minister Senator P.M. Bailhache, can the Minister confirm whether such confidential police documents were supplied to a politician acting, as we are told, simply as a lay member of the Church of England and not within his capacity as a States member and why?'


Is this question going to go away? No it won't no matter how much Senator Bailhache might bluster. He has threatened a personal statement. I say: bring it on. He has been caught bang-to-rights and trying to smear both me and, more importantly, members of the public as liars should result in the man who lectures people about the fundamental importance of 'truthfullness' and 'respecting' others biting the dust from the Council of Minister.

An important aspect to also keep in mind here. This also isn't really about how he came to have/be given the documents any more. It is about the fact he wasn't big enough to hold his hands up and tell the Assembly the true facts. 'Chief Minister' Gorst (who knows the men are both genuine and truthful) may have conveniently fled to China to avoid next week's States Sitting but nevertheless - I might just have a little surprise for both of the Senators come  the final sitting 16th July...

Written question for Attorney General

'Given that the court transcripts of a 2009 case, which resulted in James Donnelly being sentenced to 15 years in prison, revealed that a number of other individuals were also identified as abusers by both the individual eventually convicted and the victim, why was no prosecution pursued in this case?'

How ironic that, in a week that saw the Chief Minister and his favourite Assistant/Boss meeting with the Justice Select Committee at the Atlantic Hotel; this to assure them over a slap-up meal that all within Jersey 'justice' was absolutely perfect I am again contacted by members of the public with hard evidence that shows nothing could be further from the truth.

Believe me, this case - or the 'swept under the carpet' evidence that was never acted upon - has the potential to blow through the halls of Establishment 'justice' like a hurricane. This case also almost certainly has a link to why former Chief of Police Power had to be disappeared. For the record all of this has nothing whatsoever to do with the victim; and no mention of her will be made.

It is simply about how under the Jersey 'justice' system it is not what you do that will see you either a scapegoat rotting in jail for 15 years, or walking free - it is who you are. There are no excuses for abusers - yet this kind of 'justice' cannot be allowed to go on. At this point nothing more really needs to be said. I have the evidence. I will just wait and see what the Attorney General has to say...

Written question to Attorney General 

'Now that the 'Secret' Court process against former Senator Syvret has concluded; will H.M. Attorney General clarify what has been the total cost thus far, whether public funding was made available equally to all four individuals involved, were they also required to utilise their own funds and was Mr. Syvret given “equality of financial arms”?'


Ah! The case no-one was allowed to speak about on pain of death. or at least on pain of having your door kicked in and your laptop and underwear rifled. The discerning reader will note the word 'secret' highlighted in red within the question. this case was as secret as you could get outside of a US rendition flight. But the Bailiff made me take it away. Not that he told me he was doing so until it was lodged! There will be an oral question coming fairly soon on this subject.

Secret court hearings shouldn't be happening in a place like Jersey anyway. Period. I mean, its bad enough that the JEP and Broadlands are being allowed to try and gain financially from a court case that saw the former allowed a jurat on the case who was conflicted and as suspect in commitment to 'justice' and assessing 'evidence' as one could ever hope to be. Burying bothersome, outspoken politicians behind closed doors is positively 1930's Germany in both tone and sinisterness.

Look out for a 'but the case is not fully concluded so no comment can be made' excuse in response. To which I will simply re-submit the question again, and again. We simply cannot have despicable thugs being given our money to oppress people of whom they are actually the abusers. I repeat: its our money; thousands and thousands of pounds of it. We have a right to know how it was spent; to whom it was given and just why?

Keep the Faith.

Justice Select Committee in Jersey Part 2 will be posted on Friday.

Monday, 24 June 2013


In the course of pursuing the latest episode of increasing international interest in Establishment Party abuse of the Jersey 'justice' system on Sunday evening Deputy Mike Higgins and myself found ourselves sipping coffee in the bar of the Atlantic Hotel. To those not aware this an award-winning luxury hotel on the Island's West coast.

Very nice. Very exclusive. And not surprisingly very, very expensive. As was to soon unfold it also just happened to be the venue selected for a slap up dinner by the Four Horsemen of Democratic Apocalypse who mistakenly believe they are Jersey's Chosen Elite: both real and pretend Chief Ministers Bailhache and Gorst; Establishment Party Chief Whip, Senator Ozouf. And the Bailiff.

Don't mention the peasants or anything unsavoury like abuses of justice..

With the Lieutenant-Governor also invited along the purpose of this shindig was to spend the evening wining and dining the three visiting members of the Commons' Justice Select Committee. How nice to have the opportunity to bend the ear of the Committee for a whole evening as to the official propaganda that all within Jersey 'justice' is fine and dandy - a veritable beacon of democracy to quote former Senator, Jim Perchard!

After all, the other 48 States Members were having to make do with a stage-managed solitary hour the following day and not even getting a glass of water let alone a Banana Daiquiri. A solitary hour where States Members had already been warned by Team Feudal that they mustn't mention anything embarrassing like local injustice cases! Okay, so as it happened only 17 of your elected representatives actually cared enough about justice; child abuse cover-ups and the like to turn up the following day - but more on that in Part 2 on Wednesday.

Come and enjoy the wonderfully bracing Jersey air...

Still, to cut a long story short having said a polite 'hello' to two of the Chief Minister's vast army of helpers who were awaiting the arrival of Team Feudal; Deputy Higgins and I found ourselves discussing next week's questions and such forth in the Hotel bar. A very nice and warm retreat from the howling South-Westerly gale blowing across the headland outside.

Indeed, the perfect spot you might think for the UK politicians to be afforded the opportunity for a quick and friendly chat with two real peoples' politicians before the Great and the Good took them off to dinner. Alas it was not to be

Its 'us' and 'them' - but please don't tell Them we said it...

For as soon as Jersey's Finest arrived instead of the convivial warmth of the bar they and their officers whisked the Committee away...out into the elements of the freezing, windswept Hotel terrace! Yes, a terrace on which - for some strange reason I cannot even contemplate the group stayed - sipping equally cold drinks  for the better part of around 40 long minutes.

Whatever could the UK dignitaries have thought of Jersey hospitality, Mike and I wondered? Were the pair of us really so dangerous; so revolutionary in our evidence-based opinions that we needed to be given a very wide birth? We can, of course, only guess.

If this is the broad, cross-section view by which Westminster assesses the state of Jersey democracy no wonder writing to Lord McNally is a total waste of time...

For as we finally watched the windswept Gang of Four and their shivering, and possibly even bemused guests troop back in  once their table was ready; it must be said not a single one would meet our gaze. Not a smile. Not a nod. Not even a polite 'Hello colleagues - fancy seeing you two peasants at a posh joint like this?' We instead found ourselves left with the uncomfortable feeling that perhaps the Great and the Good had something to hide?

And truth be told we doubted it was just the size of the dinner and wine bill - suggested by an individual who shall remain nameless lest the boys be sent 'round - to be up in the region of some £700.

After all, in these times of global economic austerity and government enforced pay-freezes if this £700 figure is anything like accurate I'm sure the likes of Jersey's wonderful, but struggling nurses and their public sector colleagues would all understand. Wouldn't they?

And we can always ask questions about who was making such sterling use of taxpayers' money next week...

Keep the Faith.

*I'll tell you about Monday's meeting and the 17 of your politicians who bothered to turn up to argue for your interests on Wednesday.

Saturday, 15 June 2013


Oh no - and not a single one on jurats happy to look the other way on evidence against friends and colleagues committing child abuse!

Having not made use of my allocation of written questions over the past two States Sittings; at readers' requests I now list below each of the up-coming questions - both written and oral - that I have lodged for the States Sitting of June 18th. Whilst also obviously not wishing to preempt the fun in any shape or form I nevertheless also give a brief bit of background to a few of the most 'interesting' ones for those who may be unaware...

Written question to Minister for Home Affairs
'Can members of the public be arrested by the police for alleged planning infractions and, if so, can such individuals also be legally required by the Police to report to the police station on a daily basis whilst these allegations are investigated?'


Now this really is a most fascinating question given the Jersey Establishment's increasingly rapid slide toward States indifference to regular abuses of citizen's Human Rights. Human Rights, let us not forget, that would be held as sacrosanct even in many a so-called 'Developing country'.

But in brief do you think it is right that a law-abiding member of the public can be 'arrested' by order of a member of the Planning Department and bundled into a police car - all in full view of a horrified business client? A client who not surprisingly withdrew his offer of a lucrative contract as a consequence! Me neither but perhaps we are just out of step with 'The Jersey Way'? Do you think sanctions for such a person should be more strict than would apply to an alleeged mugger? Hopefully not.
Written question to the Attorney General
'Would the Attorney General advise whether individuals who are aggrieved by the fact that Option B of the Electoral Commission (which gives greater representation to residents of smaller parishes at the expense of St. Helier) would have any recourse against the States of Jersey via the European Court of Human Rights if this Option is implemented?'


Now the man behind the despicable strategy to ensure the people of St. Helier can never have a fair and equal say in the running of the States, Senator Bailhache, (not to mention his minions Senators Gorst, Ozouf and the Constables) reckon all in relation to this Master Plan to sabotage democracy by 2014 is beyond challenge from we annoying 'little people'. Are the Far-Right 'right'? Well, I know they are not. But let's see if the Attorney General plays along...

Written question to the Attorney General

'Since police investigations began in 2007 in relation to 'historic' abuse can the Minister advise if there have been any cases investigated by the States of Jersey Police where abuse was alleged by both another perpetrator of abuse and corroborated by a victim yet no prosecution was then brought and, if so, what was the reason for this?'


Now this really IS a fascinating question! A former Deputy once observed that one should always ensure you ask questions to which you already knew the answer. Rightly or wrongly to this regard it certainly is funny how certain very telling documentation often gets delivered into the hands of a politician not afraid of the Establishment bully boys. But let's not say too much for now other than this.

The law should apply equally to all, shouldn't it?. But of course the fact is that in Establishment Jersey it does not: it depends upon who you are. Any doubters to this need only ook back to the politically motivated prosecution in 2009 of Deputies Shona Pitman and Geoff Southern for the unknown offence (in every other democracy in the WORLD!) of helping the old and disabled amongst their constituents to register a request for a postal vote.

All, of course, whilst the then Attorney General simultaneously did NOT charge those non-JDA candidates who did the same. And in the same St. Helier No. 2 district! Jusstice - its wonderful isn't it!Yet the matters underlying this question are obviously even more serious. Can it really be acceptable that whilst one abuser gets many years in prison another one - fully evidenced - does not even get taken to court? Of course it isn't - and next week sees the beginning of this sickening abuse of those who control Jersey 'justice' finally being exposed.

No wonder they want to try and shaft me with a non-ECHR compliant trial!

Written question to the Minister for Housing

'Would the Minister advise whether, in the case of the owner of a self-catering property who has re-registered the premises as a lodging house yet retained one unit out of ten as a (third party) manager's flat, all of the tenants are still classed as private tenants in law?'


Nothing that really needs to be said about this question: indeed, its actually not even in the same league as the others. But having been contacted by an elderly member of the public having problems with a dispute with a Fagin-like businessman it is still a question well worth getting an official answer to. 

And by my thus doing so, of course, saving the said constituent from being forced to cross the palms of some slimy lawyer with enough silver to secure twenty minutes 'work' that could instead fund the OAP having a nice and well deserved little holiday in the sun somewhere!

Oral question to the Chief Minister

'Following his meeting with the businessmen who raised concern at seeing the Assistant Minister with responsibility for External Affairs reading confidential documents in full view of the public on a flight, does the Chief Minister support the Assistant Minister's views expressed on 14th May 2013 that the allegations were 'inaccurate' and gave a 'fictitious' and 'malicious' account and, if not, will he now be asking his Assistant Minister to resign?'


Now if you don't know the background to this question and you live in Jersey you really must have been residing in a cave without access to the wonderful Gigabyte Jersey! But should that be you...

Basically Senator Philip Bailhache was caught bang-to-rights by a local busiessman foolishly and with his trademark arrogance reading confidential documents in full view of the public on a flight from Gatwick. These documents being to do with the appallingly typical Jersey Way treatment of abuse victim 'HG' in the Dean suspension case.

Most of us would have simply held our hands up and apologised. But not the never-wrong Senator Bailhache. I was instead accused of presenting a document that only 'purported' to be an e-mail from a member of the public. The contents were called  'malicious' and 'fictitious'. Yes, businessman and yours truly were in effect basically liars. Cheers, Senator.

But then one small problem arose: far from being put off by the bluster and the bullying the businessman demanded to meet the Chief Minister. And he even brought along... another businessman who could verify his version of events! Wow! Whoever will Chief Minister Gorst now chose to believe...

Oral question to the Attorney General

'What powers, if any, does a Court have to ensure that full indemnities awarded to members of the public at the conclusion of a court case are enforced and the injured party is not left thousands of pounds out of pocket?'


Now here, last but not least, is another gem. Wouldn't you think that if you won a court case and the judge (no les than the current Bailiff!) awarded you full indemnities you would actually get that money back? Wouldn't you think the Court could actually order a lawyer who was refusing to comply to hand it over? Me too. But then this is I repeat, Establishment Jersey.

After all you might also think that our Police are obliged to accept a member of the community filing a complaint for investigation about alleged criminal activity? They are meant to. But once again in reality it all comes down to who you are and who you are complaining about. Ayway, the fact of the matter is that this particular question I am asking is just the tip of the ice-berg in a case that, though dating back some years, is likely to be making headline news very soon.

Keep the Faith & Happy States listening.

With even my old friend and serial fence-sitter Deputy Roy Le Herissier demanding an inquiry into Bailhache-Gate could be a Question Time to even keep young Pravda Lucy away from her cookery books...

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


''If people are not truthful they suffer the consequences... If a Minister lied to another Minister, so far as I am concerned, that would be pretty well the end of a Ministerial career...''

                                                     Senator Sir Philip Bailhache
                                                          2011 Election Speech

Yesterday a meeting took place in the Boardroom at Morier House. It was a meeting that in many ways goes to the very heart of just what is wrong with Jersey under the shiny-shoed heel of the 'image before justice' phonies of the Establishment Party. It was a meeting about what has become known here to political observers as 'Bailhache-Gate'.

Now I must admit even I have actually been slightly surprised at just how much interest this story has continued to generate through the blog weeks after I first broke the story - and even with the orchestrated tight closing of ranks of the MSM to try and kill an expose that cuts right through all of the gloss and guff surrounding a figure whom so many see as the very epitome of maintaining the Old Order of keeping the 'little people' in our place. 

Nevertheless, what took place this Monday evening was that our Chief Minister (that's Senator Gorst by the way) - a politician who had, even having been contacted personally by one of the businessmen at the centre of this story, refused to do the honourable thing and confirm to the States Assembly last week that this gentleman was very real indeed - finally came face-to-face with the man who knows full well that the version of events given to the States by Senator Bailhache was nothing more than a bare-faced fabrication of staggering arrogance.

The Truth. The Whole Truth. Nothing but the Bald Truth...

Infact we didn't have just one businessman who can blow the whistle on the Bailhache bull but two! For such was my constituent's understandable anger at being accused of making the whole story up his business partner - who happened to be travelling with him and was also able to verify what had been seen - also attended. 

Yet before we cut to the chase of just where this meeting leaves us and discus the action now required of our Chief Minister (yes, that's still Senator Gorst) let's just remind ourselves of why this meeting had come about with a few damning words from the letter sent direct to the Chief Minister regarding his 'Foreign Minister's' behaviour:

''Dear Chief Minister. I am writing in response to the recent public allegation from Sir Philip Bailhache that I am the creator of a fictitious and malicious e-mail which I sent to Deputy (Trevor) Pitman on 22nd March 2013 -  so in basic terms a liar. I can 100% assure you that there is only one person in this situation who is fictitious and that is not me!''

Time for a large dose of Testicular Fortitude...

How did our Chief Minister now respond to this irrefutable evidence that he had been duped; and in allowing himself to be so, also misled the States Assembly and public; and thus helped paint this gentleman and yours truly as liars? He fidgeted. He waffled. He made excuses. He tried the line that the Senator's actions had 'nothing to do with Senator Bailhache being his Assistant Minister'.

Hell, he even tried to bull the businessman that he really could not do anything with the complaint 'unless his name could be made public'. Indeed, in what I saw as a quite shameful further attempt at double-edged buckpassing the Chief Minister even told him he should really complain to PPC. But should be aware that Senator Sir Philip Bailhache was himself a member of this Committee.

My God, is there any wonder so many good, decent people are cowered into silence?

Fortunately, however, neither businessman was having any of this. As the complainant put it so adroitly: ''You don't need our names to be made public at all. Give us one valid reason. I have written to you. I have explained in detail what both of us could see. We have even come to meet you in person with the States Greffier to answer any questions. Just who would our names need to go to?'

Yes, the 6 million dollar question indeed! To who and to where would these gentlemens' names go and for what purpose? Ensure their businesses never get any contracts again? To have them socially ostracised? The Jersey Way in all of its insidious and sordid glory. Not surprisingly our Chief Minister did not have an answer. So as a true 'team player' I will tell him - with the help of those words from my constiuent - just what he does need to do.

'Chief Minister, I expect you to do the right thing'...

Senator Sir Philip Bailhache needs to be asked to resign. If he won't go - and given the arrogance he has displayed at almost every turn since being elected I doubt he would - the Chief Minister needs to ensure he is sacked. After all, just remember the Senator's words at the top of this post.

Indeed, remember also that Senator Bailhache actually sits on the Privileges & Procedures Committee dealing out judgement and discipline on other Members. He obviously needs to be sacked from that position too. Are you man enough Constable Simon Crowcroft? Or is the role of PPC only applied to those outside of the Establishment Party fold as so many of us think?

Senator Bailhache has shown himself, once again, to be a politician who thinks there is one rule for him and another for everyone else. If 'Chief Minister' Gorst isn't big enough to show him that he is wrong and thus show him the ministerial door then the Bald Truth of the matter is HE needs a vote of no confidence himself.

And if he doesn't 'do the right thing' let me tell him I'm happy to inform him he will get one.

Keep the Faith.


Thursday, 6 June 2013


So when will the Lieutenant-Governor finally smell the coffee and intervene to restore democracy? 
A bit of a catastrophe took place in the Royal Court today. You see suddenly it wasn't just the 'little people' of Jersey; or even Progressive, Leftist politicians that the Establishment beneficiaries of the Finance gravy train wanted to silence shouting about the worst kept secret in Jersey: judicial corruption. No, this time it was actually one of the 'Inner Circle' - a Crown Advocate no less!
Yes, the Curtis Warren trial was back in St. Helier town again and this time around he may well have understandably been asking himself: hang on - why is it only me stuck out at La Moye in a cramped little cell? Could it really be, as one man described it so poetically, that the worms are finally starting to turn on each other as a few of us hardy souls digging for answers just keep refusing to roll over at the intimidation and die?
The inevitable consequence of an Establishment that is obsessed with crushing people...
Now none of this is really news to me, of course. As I have ensured is now well documented for when it seems we have to join the growing trail of islanders to Strasbourg: Deputy Shona Pitman and I have been victims of a sham judicial process that would have seen heads roll in embarrassment even in Mugabe's Zimbabwe so undeniably non-ECHR compliant was it. Its just 'the Jersey Way'.
Come on, you recall - Jurat John Lyndon Le Breton who is an evidenced mate and dinner chum of one of the defendant newspaper's senior directors and has been for years allowed by the Bailiff's Office to decide on evidence in our defamation case. Not to mention, of course, Le Breton also being a 'man' put forward by a former Education President to become said Jurat (lay judge) despite having been proven to happily look the other way on evidence against his predatory paedophile friend and Victoria College colleague Andrew Jervis-Dykes.
Oh...and at a time, of course, should anyone forget, while former Attorney General, Bailiff and reader of classified documents on planes - Senator Philip Bailhache (yup, the AG who allowed convicted paedophile Roger Holland join the Honorary Police) was also sitting on the very same Victoria College Board of Governors. Yes, the ideal type of character to make quite sure we all get justice!
Fact: our 'justice' system is out of control - just how much more evidence does the UK need?
But let's put this Warren case revelation into perspective. for its not as if the UK Minister for Justice, Lord Tom McNally hasn't had enough examples to stir him to action already, is it...
  • prisoners left to rot on remand for more than a year then intimidated to plead 'guilty' or their mother will be implicated and charged
  • police officer accused of sexual assault not charged but allowed to just leave the Island
  • illegal secret court cases against dissident former politician
  • taxpayers' money - thousands of pounds of it - given to vicious, cowardly convicted thugs to victimise their own victim
  • prime, evidenced suspects in child abuse investigations (who just happen to be Establishment stalwarts and even the odd millionaire) never taken to court
  • instead senior police officers trying to bring them to justice smeared or 'suspended' out of a job
  • hard-working businessmen arrested, bundled into a police car and forced to report daily to the police station - all for a planning offence that they didn't even commit
  • victims of abuse at Haut de la Garenne told they couldn't proceed with their case because they were 'never at the Home' - even though other victims personally remember them

And yet these are just the tip of the iceberg, of course. But now in the unfolding of the latest episode of the Warren case we actually have something different: a Crown Advocate telling the court that if this case was in the UK it would be the biggest story of the year and front page news. Because of, he says, the corruption within the...justice system!
Baton down the hatches - this could be the straw that breaks the camel's back...
But not in Jersey, of course. Oh no! Our lackey Establishment party MSM media don't want to report on that kind of thing. Bad for the squeaky clean Off-Shore image, old boy! Bad for business! But hang on surely this Warren case news is very, very serious stuff? stuff even the 'repeaters' of the Jersey MSM will struggle to bury.
I mean...did several members of the public really hear it correctly? Did Crown Advocate Baker, defending Curtis Warren, really state that the Jersey Attorney General had... lied? Blimey, whatever could happen next? A victim of abuse be pressured by the Law Office into accepting deportation and the Church leader who failed to safeguard against the perpetrator be carried back to the States on a donkey like a martyred hero? All to the accompanied mass foot-stomping of the EDL (Establishment Defence League) of course!
Secret court hearings - Jersey's new growth industry...
Still, I suppose the members of the public who swear this is what they heard a Crown Advocate say are actually lucky to have heard anything at all? You see Solicitor General Howard Sharp (a man who always wears an expression in the States suggesting he thinks he is far, far too important to be asked questions by mere elected representatives of the people who pay his huge salary) actually argued that all of the important evidence in the case should really be heard in...secret!
What? Yes, he didn't want we 'little people'; or any naughty Leftie trouble-makers who might bang on about pinko-commie nonsense like justice. transparency and democracy perhaps from knowing what was really taking place. Now doesn't this make you ever so slightly suspicious as to just what those at the apex of the Jersey 'justice' system could have to hide?
So Keep the faith and just maybe we will soon begin to find out and a whole lot more besides that worms really do always turn eventually. Meanwhile, over to you Lieutenant-Governor...