Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Does your neighbour have a petrol bomb or two under the bed; maybe even a rocket launcher? A few crates of old Nazi stick grenades left over from the Occupation perhaps?  Has he or she already admitted wanting to kill you; maybe even already attacked your home?

Not nice things to consider for sure. But in the event of such information coming to light then – like me – you would probably think it only commonsense for the Police to advise you and your family about the potential danger you were in? Just so you could take any additional precautions and the like.

But you would be wrong.    

Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand says you have “no right to know whatsoever” because it would be a “breach of your neighbour’s Human Rights!” Oh yes, and that bolshie Deputy Trevor Pitman really should stop “exaggerating” about such things -.blooming scaremonger! Apparently I had even upset the gun clubs – even though my question had not once mentioned them or even…GUNS period!


As if it isn’t already worrying enough to learn that journalists within the Island’s ‘professional Accredited Media’ appear to think that you spell ‘bomb’ with a ‘G’,‘U’ and an ‘N’ Senator Ian Le Marquand’s latest performance in the States should have everyone supporting the introduction of a ‘recall’ mechanism into local election law as a matter of urgency.

Okay, so after the shambolic farce that was the Minister’s handling of the suspension of former Chief of Police, Graham Power (when he ran away from a fair fight that would have been a full disciplinary hearing) you likely wouldn’t be expecting too much to be fair. But surely a modicum of commonsense might be applied in an instance like this – after all these are potentially matters of life and death we are talking about?

But no – not a bit of it! Just as we have seen with the attitude from our Establishment Party to the victims of abuse at Haut De La Garenne these past few years; the rights of victims count for nothing when set against that of perpetrators. Indeed, Senator Le Marquand was once again about as much use to vulnerable people as a chocolate teapot

So do we give up? Hardly – I actually have a lot more information on this matter than I am currently putting forth. Come next Tuesday I will be giving the Attorney General his chance to tell us his version of just what the heck has gone wrong here. Just as importantly, hopefully give people like my constituent Tony and his poor family a bit of reassurance …

Meanwhile, for the full details of an incredible story that has NOTHING to do with seeking more restrictions on responsible members of shooting clubs and the like please do visit or watch Tony tell it in his own words - see below. If you are not disgusted your name is probably Jon. Or Ian…


Having been hammering home the proven reality that giving multi-millionaires undeserved preferential tax breaks doesn’t automatically then make the ‘economic pie’ bigger for all of us for the last 18 months I am pleased –if admittedly surprised – that finally the Treasury Minister might be taking the blinkers off. I stress ‘might’…

Though admitting to me that he had still not got around to reading the economist that all discredited ‘free-market’ Capitalists should read – Ha-Joon Chang – in conversation Senator Ozouf did confirm that the Treasury are now finally beginning to look at putting proper regulations in place: i.e. that would enforce new 1 (1) K residents needing to commit a set and realistic amount of income to investment in the Island.

This is the only way; of course, that the much-spun and largely mythic ‘trickle down’ benefit to other people can ever have any significant degree of guaranteed impact. Will Senator Ozouf actually follow this through? Let’s hope so. Indeed, if he does I’ll even promise to give him full credit and not make one of those annoying ‘I’ve been telling you to do this for years!’ speeches.


Not a lot you might think. But if we’re talking legal advice to the governments of Jersey and Guernsey in regard to the challenge to the UK’s LVCR ruling you actually couldn’t be more wrong according to my genuinely good friend, Deputy Mike Higgins. About £360,000 cost to us and only £60,000 to them!

Think about it. The same issue which means pretty much the same type of questions needing to be answered. Not to mention a similar amount of work and research to be done. Yet we are being charged six times as much!

Of course, the fact that Economic Development Minister Senator Alan Maclean says that he is “quite happy” with the charge will ensure that these concerns go no further in terms of the Executive. For those of us who live in the real world, however, the next question is to request a breakdown of exactly what this is buying us – and then comparing it with our counterparts in Guernsey.

There can, after all, be only two conclusions. Somebody is getting very good value for money. Or somebody is getting badly ripped off! Either way the Islands’ taxpayers deserve to know about it.


Isn’t it the way it always happens?  You are one of those who actually understand that for a community to really flourish long-term government has to work for ALL in society – not just for the benefit of the rich.

So you understandably breath a big sigh of relief that one of the local media ‘Tory Boys’ has apparently given up writing gushing nonsense praising any local politician to the right of Maggie Thatcher (or the slightly more socially-aware orientated Genghis Khan). Moved on instead to apparently reminisce about his secret love for 80’s Brit-Pop band Blur,

And then, whilst you’re cutting up Monday’s JEP to put it into the smallest room in the house for safe-keeping you are stunned to notice that this apparently was nothing more than a pleasant dream! Yes, that’s right. My old friend Ben Quérée (quite a nice bloke for a Chelsea supporter!) is spouting lyrical on behalf of the Establishment Party yet again! Not only that but what he is writing is about as accurate as the shooting of £50 million pound, one-goal-a-year flop striker Fernando Torres.

Yup! Not content with last week’s ‘The Fly’ column where I was described as asking ‘silly’ questions about a mere ‘dispute between neighbours’ (see the petrol bomb story for how insulting this must have been to my terrified constituents) now old Ben is trying to shift the blame for the likely sabotaging of the Electoral Commission on to the ‘left-leaning opposition’ in the States!

You really might have thought that barely four months on the JEP would have been quite content to have gotten away with giving far more slant, focus and space to supporting the regularly incoherent political ramblings of Senator Philip Bailhache during the election than was afforded to others standing? Yet apparently not if you read Ben’s latest offering.

No. Senator Bailhache now attempting to hijack the long-agreed, fully independent Electoral Commission to try and ensure the role of the Constables is a non-negotiable; not to mention Senator Ian Gorst doing a good impression of a forked-tongued Hissing Sid in going back on his stated pre-Chief Minister election vote commitment to this were apparently wholly irrelevant.

The real villains it seems – at least according to Ben’s deep and obviously unbiased ‘political’ analysis is that it now ‘gives the left-leaning opposition (I think you mean democrats, Ben) an excuse to back out of any reforms that don’t suit them’. Something which apparently comes close to ‘defeating the point of the whole Commission!’

Well, thanks for clarifying that one for us, Ben! I must confess I had completely missed it. As apparently had every other person that I have spoken to! There was us – even that old radical Deputy Roy le Herissier - foolishly all getting agitated over one man putting what he wants ahead of the interests of the ordinary people who made this Island the success it has been. Really, where do we all get it from?

You know at this point I must admit I was quite tempted to write something a bit cutting about my good friend, Ben. But then I mellowed a bit. After all, I thought, given that there is now about as much likelihood of his once dominant football team winning any silverware this year as there is of Senator Bailhache still being in politics in a year’s time if his attempt to hijack democracy is unsuccessful, poor old Ben has probably suffered enough!

I just hope he has a holiday booked if his latest hero doesn’t get his way…

Keep the Faith


Friday, 17 February 2012



Another post – another apology for being a few days late! C’est la vie! I am a politician first; blogger second as I have said a hundred times. My first duty is helping my constituents and beyond so I can’t sit around all day like some sad maverick internet troll! Is that fair enough ‘Alan’ - or whatever you are calling yourself this week?

As readers will know I had hoped to make this post an in depth one about two of the complaints I am investigating from constituents relating to police cases. Unfortunately, I have had to delay this slightly whilst some important information is confirmed by a contact. But hey…we can still light the ‘touch-paper’ toward getting to the bottom of one of these.

So below I outline my questions – oral and written – for next week’s States Sitting. I don’t feel the need to comment on them all as I think they are straight forward. Indeed, with reference to the first oral one I would remind readers that sometimes saying less for a short while brings more results in the long run.

It is, after all, about getting the full, bald truth that matters! I’ll also be doing a dedicated post relating to my written question about a Jersey casino in a few days. However, I also want to comment briefly on another matter. This being to pay credit to the likes of Rico Sorda and Voiceforchildren for their continued tenacity in seeking that said bald truth no matter how deeply it might have been buried.


“Will the Minister advise what rights, if any, members of the public have to be informed by the police that their neighbours have a large arsenal of weapons in their homes?"

‘Explosive’ it could be and not in a good way if Senator Ian Le Marquand hasn’t got a reassuring answer! Indeed, should he not have I will also be back in two week’s time to grill the Attorney General.

To be quite honest a politician really shouldn’t have to be putting him (or her) self in the position that I am with this. We should be able to rely on the combination of our police and courts to do their job. Sadly, from what I have seen in this case both have failed good, thoroughly genuine people very badly.

Indeed, it does seem, as my constituent states, as if some want this first case hushed up; buried; swept under the carpet. The question has to be: why? The member of the public came to me because of this very feeling. He turned to me because in his words ‘You have the reputation of being a fighter and standing up for people’. Praise indeed and I will do my best to try and ensure that this case is settled with the best interests of everyone involved at the forefront.

So I ask readers for the time being to just consider these simple questions: how would you feel if you had been attacked – quite out of the blue – within what you thought was the safety of your own home? How would you feel to know that your attacker clearly badly needed some help – but discover nothing had been done about this for over a year? How would you like to live in fear for that year and still be doing so now?

Bad enough already. But then, what if you found out that the weapons your attacker possessed were an awful lot worse than you had been led to believe. Not just knives and swords etc but even ‘ready-to-go’ petrol bombs! Not only that but the said individual was now back right next door to you – having incredibly been found ‘not guilty’ of possessing offensive weapons.

Yet the police had not even had the decency to advise you of the risk…

This really shouldn’t happen, should it? If someone needs help they should get it within an affluent society like ours. And innocent people should be able to feel safe in the knowledge that police and courts will take their well being seriously. Your home should not become your prison.

I will leave my observations at that for now though I obviously could say a lot more. I just hope that after fourteen months of misery for my constituent and his family my involvement can finally stir the authorities into ensuring the best outcome for all involved. Then again; as a contact in the police said to me in confidence. Lenny Harper was on about these types of weapon arsenals and worse ages ago – yet was regularly mocked by our Establishment politicians for his concerns.

Now where have we heard that sentiment before?


“Will the Chief Minister advise the Assembly as to whether the former Minister for External Relations was informed about the raid on the German Consul's home last year and, if not, why not?”

Now here’s another truly fascinating matter. What is going on with this?

As you heard at the end of last month Senator Le Marquand really got a bit tetchy about me asking him about this. No, I don’t want to be interfering in ‘live’ police matters for the sake of it. I’ll leave that to my ex-colleagues Ben and Jimmy and current ones like Sean. But this incident didn’t happen just a few days ago. It happened while former Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur was still on the throne”

So why is it taking so long to resolve and for the public be quite rightly informed as to what went down? Because – and I have a chronology of events leading up to this – the way the operation was undertaken was one great big …..

Now, of course, the police have to investigate complaints and concerns. And, as a supporter of good policing I believe that most times they will do a good job in what are often very difficult circumstances. But when mistakes are made they should be acknowledged.

After all, let me assure readers that if this had happened under Graham Power letters would be being typed up on several different computers and cut and pasted together the very next day. More than half-a-dozen of our Establishment Party ‘senior’ political leaders knew about this incident according to my information - but have done nothing to see that it is put right.

Yet I also have it on good authority that one man who very definitely should have known – as it was technically a ‘diplomatic incident’ apparently did not. Why?

As with the first question I know even before the Sitting that the answers that I will get will be ‘economic’ or downright evasive to the point where I will have to be back at the next Sitting. Nevertheless, out of fairness to all involved the pressure has to be kept on so that neither good or bad/justifiable or unjustifiable can be swept under the carpet.

The truth needs to be dragged out into the open on this incident too. The people at the centre want this so what’s stopping us?


As indicated I will hopefully be doing a post on the casino question early next week. But I list it along with the other written questions for reader’s information.


“Following the decision to proceed with moves to bring in revenues from the online gambling market, will the Minister advise whether or not he and his Department are giving consideration to the possibility of a casino being developed in the island and will he further advise what research, if any, has been undertaken to date on the potential revenue that might be forthcoming in the event of a casino being allowed to operate in the Island; and where any official research/reports may be located by States members?”


This is being asked in the light of the completely misleading answer given at the last States Sitting – in the hope that by persistence we can finally put another piece of long-standing spin to bed. Just like the ESC Scrutiny Sub-Panel did with the garbage that everything Power and Harper did was unjustified; the money all ‘wasted’ and 50% of the said £7.5 million actually spent after they had left service apparently down to them.

As I have said so many time spin like this will always get found out in the end. But more on that theme later…

“Will the Minister provide for members a complete account in relation to the retirement date of the former Chief Officer of Police, setting out in particular –

i)    when he was first due to retire;

ii)    what extensions and reductions there were to this initial retirement date, and for each extension/reduction, the date of the request, details of who requested it and the grounds for the request;

iii)    what further retirement dates there were as a result of these extensions or reductions?”


Has the Home Affairs Minister bought himself a bottle of Tippex yet? That’s all he needs – I know!

“Will the Minister inform members whether he is planning to publish the following documents and, if so, provide members with the target date for publication in each case –

i)    the statement made to the Wiltshire Police by the former Chief Officer of Police in relation to the handling of the historic abuse enquiry (Operation Haven);

ii)    the report by Matt Tapp Associates;

iii)    the letter from the then Deputy Chief Officer of Police to the then Chief Executive in November 2008;

iv)    the “Interim Report” of the Metropolitan Police into the review of the historic abuse enquiry which arrived in Jersey on 10th November 2008?”


“Further to the answer given on 31st January 2012 by the Minister for Home Affairs that the then Chief Executive “discovered that Mr. Tapp was very concerned in relation to the press aspects of the handling of the [historic abuse] case” and that he became aware that Mr. Tapp was available to do work for the Chief Executive as he had just been advised his services were not required by the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, will the Chief Minister outline for Members exactly how this “discovery” by the Chief Executive took place?”


“Further to the answer given by the then Chief Minister on 19th October 2010 (Hansard 2.2.1) in which he stated that he was happy to research the records given to Mr. Napier and to then give ‘chapter and verse’ to the Deputy of St. Mary in relation to the details of any formal meetings with the former Chief Officer of Police by the people involved in his suspension to talk to him about the concerns that had been raised and to elicit his response, would the Chief Minister now undertake to make this information available to all members?”

So there we have it…

Look out for lots of fake posts from Jon, Alan, Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch (not to mention a hundred other of the troll’s aliases saying the usual guff like “but no one is interested!” I might even let a few through for a laugh, eh ‘Alan’? But the fact is, fortunately, that many decent, ordinary people - people who genuinely care about justice, truth and democracy DO care.

And no amount of abuse from trolls and thugs; or even Senator Sir Philip Bailhache misguidedly trying to scupper the ‘Historic’ Abuse scandal Committee of Enquiry behind the scenes is going to change that. However long it takes.

This is a war for the truth – a fundamental aspect of political democracy.

This is a war of attrition - We are in it for the long haul.

Get used to it.


Over recent months in particular, people like Rico Sorda and Team Voice have put compelling and regularly damning evidence in front of politicians. They are not right all of the time, of course, no one is.

But by chipping away they have, inch-by-inch, shown that all too many things relating to both the denigrating of the ‘Historic’ Abuse Enquiry and the suspension of former Chief of Police Graham Power need a whole lot of explaining. And explaining to a far higher power than friends and colleagues scrutinizing themselves.

However, just as the Scrutiny investigation that I undertook with Deputies Le Herissier and Wimberley was to all intents and purposes deliberately buried by establishment figures – politicians, media and others - who did not want to face the unpalatable truth I would imagine Rico Sorda and those at Team Voice perhaps may well be feeling the same sort of frustration that we did.

After all, we knew we had uncovered so much. Yet it seemed that no matter what we uncovered those who really should know better just wouldn’t listen. They didn’t want to listen. They didn’t want the inaccuracies and even downright lies spun to the public over a period of years undermined. Why do I write this now?

For no reason other than to remind those individuals, should they need it, not to be discouraged. The work they have done has been sterling. Indeed, that they have shown ‘professional’ journalists what it truly means to be ‘investigative’ – yet are still laughably barred from filming a Scrutiny now slipping rapidly into the Executive-cuddly and thus completely ineffective secrecy beloved of the Establishment – while the Mainstream Media who have failed to report so much are - should be worn as a badge of honour.

I repeat. They should not get downhearted. But instead remind themselves that the truth will out eventually. It always does no matter how long the wait. As for those ‘senior’ figures who either have something very dark to hide; or those who just haven’t had the political ‘testicular fortitude’ to stand up to those bullying them into an unholy alliance of silence…

They should remember that what goes around comes eventually comes around. When it does for all of those who have taken the threats and insults in trying to do the right thing it will be all the sweeter.

Keep the Faith


Thursday, 2 February 2012


Just a few fairly brief pieces in this post as constituent cases seem to increase by the day. Not that I’m complaining – ordinary people and their issues are what politics is all about or should be. But short as it was if not particularly sweet this Tuesday’s States Sitting still threw up some interesting information. Though perhaps not as interesting as the information that our slowly crumbling Old Order continue to cling desperately to keeping suppressed!

Worth asking if only to see the Home Affairs Minister’s face when I sprung it on him! The question of just why our police raided the German Consul last year; not to mention what they took away; why, and did they have to give it back is a fascinating one. Even more so what happened between the German and UK governments next!

The Establishment Party ‘Big Wigs’ have been trying to pretend that it didn’t happen. But it did, trust me. I have had the information now from three different reliable sources; both Island-based and from across the water. Thanks to all of them. A ‘Diplomatic’ incident? Ssshhhhh! I can say no more just now.

The big question that has to be asked once again though is surely: where were our ‘accredited’ investigative media? To be fair the JEP did surprise me with a phone call asking for info. Funny how when they had a highly detailed press release blowing out of the water all of the nonsense being spun about the Electoral Commission by Senator Philip Bailhache  they didn’t use a word. Then again, I suppose they were among those helping him spin it…

But this particular story will be blowing up a storm very soon!


If the Home Affairs Minister’s face was a picture last Tuesday then it still probably had nothing on the scarlet, rosy cheeks of the biggest ego in politics, Senator Philip Bailhache when I revealed the fact – and it is FACT – that he has been lobbying to get the Committee of Enquiry agreed by a large majority of us after Senator Francis Le Gresley’s proposition last year torpedoed. How do I know? Again, that would be telling.

Let’s just say that sometimes you have to play people at their own game. Who knows – I might even be adding a new series of ‘guest’ posts to the blog in the near future. Never mind the JEP’s ‘Fly’. What about the ‘Ministerial Mole’? Contrary to the report in the newspaper if you heard the answer to my question put to the Chief Minister; or read through Hansard it is quite clear that Senator Gorst DID acknowledge the accuracy of what I said.

But the question that the media really should be putting to Senator Bailhache - and any and all - of the motley little band of ex-Senators; farcical hate bloggers etc who continue to be so desperate to scupper the full truth coming out about the Abuse Saga is simply to ask: WHY?

Meanwhile, look out for some massively inflated, deliberately exaggerated estimates of ‘likely’ costs that are going to be spun soon as an excuse not to do it. Likewise an attempt to at the very least try and sabotage Deputy Montford Tadier’s essential amendment…


Just as Senator Philip Bailhache wants to sabotage the Abuse Saga Committee of Enquiry his other reason d’etre is, of course, is to ‘reform’ the States. ‘Reform’ it into a sham institution where the interests of the wealthy and powerful will for ever be protected by hamstringing any potential for strong representation for the ordinary people who have made Jersey the success that it has been.

As you likely know the Senator has already managed to convince the right-wing dominated PPC to propose whittling down the contents of Daniel Wimberley’s excellent Electoral Commission into just the bits he wants to bend to his own ends i.e. primarily reducing the number of States members whilst simultaneously making keeping the Constables a non-negotiable.

An off-shoot of this, however, has been the setting up of three PPC Sub-Committees. The first to examine Public Elections. The second to examine Standing Orders and Internal Procedures. The third to look at the Machinery of Government. The only one of these Senator Bailhache wanted to be involved on was – surprise, surprise – looking at internal procedures. His goal being to disenfranchise all of those in areas such as St. Helier and other urban parishes by reducing the ability for their Deputies (who will always be excluded from ‘inclusive’ government) to hold Ministers to account.

This would be achieved by a brutal hacking away of ‘back-benchers’ rights to ‘dumb down’ government to the aforesaid ‘rubber stamp’. For example: reducing question time; limiting speeches and, perhaps worst of all in a display of total contempt for democracy seeking to restrict anyone wishing to propose alternatives to Ministerial policy via propositions. To this regard it was essential that we didn’t allow these Sub-Committees, which will have a heavy workload, to be dominated by the Establishment and their sycophants. 

As such I am pleased to be able to report that I am on both the Public Elections Sub-Committee and the one looking at proposals to change Standing Orders and Internal Procedures. Hope you have your gloves ready, Sir Philip…


Finally for now, anyone still under any delusion that giving totally unwarranted preferential tax breaks to the most wealthy automatically then makes the pie bigger for all of us really should go back to my first post on the works of award-winning economist Ha-Joon Chang.

Better still - go read the full works of the Great Man himself. They are highly accessible to anyone and unlike the vested-interest driven con men who will seek to tell you otherwise Chang never attempts to baffle people with jargon. Sorry, Senator Ozouf and Co but –shock, horror - he isn’t even anti-capitalist!

But in the mean time just to give you further food for thought. Here’s the latest very interesting statistics for how much most of our multi-millionaire  1 (1) K residents REALLY pay. Read the spin that they ALL pay at least £125.000? Think again…

Less than £5,000                23 individuals!

Between £5,000 - £10,000                   10 individuals

Between £10,000 - £20,000                 14 individuals

Between £20,000 - £30,000                 14 individuals

Between £30,000 - £40,000                   7 individuals

Between £40,000 - £50,000                   4 individuals

Between £50,000 - £60,000                   4 individuals

Between £60,000 - £70,000                   4 individuals

Between £70,000 - £80,000                   No individuals

Between £80,000 - £90,000                   4 individuals

Between £90,000 - £100,000                 4 individuals

Those paying £100,000 and above      39  individuals

Number paying less than £100,000      88 individuals!

Funny, but with the ‘personal’ taxation burden growing for so many of us, at the ‘Top’ end where the very wealthiest lord it over us mere peasants the number of individuals actually paying LESS appears to have never been higher? But hey – I guess I’m just following the politics of ‘envy’? Hell, it’s what the apologists for Greed Appeasement will try and say anyway.

Sleep well. Your government is fully committed to a ‘fairer or more equal’ society. Honest…

Keep the Faith