Sunday, 24 August 2014


A perfect story update to announce the last ever Bald Truth Jersey post - and more importantly - the launch of a brand new blog project next week...

There can surely have been no more chilling blog posts this past year revealing the true, dire dysfunction of both the current Jersey police 'leadership' and what is passed off as our 'judicial' system than what was laid bare for us by Investigative Journalist, Rico Sorda recently regarding the horrific threats to his then pregnant wife: threats made by a 44 year old convicted petty criminal - Jon Sharrock Haworth. A 'man' as it happens who has also harassed my wife and I for years.
For here we had not just the usual cowardly, anonymously or fake avatar-posted abuse which allows the Jersey police under their Chief Mike 'I do take cyber crime seriously but clearly not as seriously as my lunchtime PR stroll down King Street' Bowron to do nothing to protect the victims. But instead actual, stomach-churning recordings of a middle-aged thug: manically giggling like a deranged pre-pubescent girl as he revelled in bragging about how he was going to 'f**k' an innocent women's career for no other reason than his own warped hatred and desire for 'revenge'.

And not just this of course

Haworth  was also bragging about how he had access to Mr Sorda's private Income Tax details! Details which - it should never be overlooked - all States employees having access have to sign up to swear to protect under Data Protection secrecy. Haworth's consequent attempts upon being exposed to try and con people that this was all just a joke are, of course, so pathetically desperate as to be laughable. Who does he really think he is fooling?

The recordings, truly unpleasant as they are, can be found on Rico Sorda's blog and I suggest all readers give this a listen simply in order that they may hear and understand the depth of the sickening hatred which our police 'leadership' and Attorney General obviously - as I shall explain below - view as wholly trivial and not worthy of action. For what did our police 'leadership' do about such appalling threats to Mrs Sorda and the clearly illegal activity regarding the Sordas' tax details under the Island's Data Protection Law?

The answer of course - no doubt to the acute frustration of most honest 'bobbies' on the ground busy doing their genuine best for the public - was absolutely nothing. Incredible? Definitely. But really - given the dramatic collapse in standards since former Police Chief Graham Power was shafted by the Jersey Establishment for attempting, along with his Deputy, SIO Lenny Harper, to finally investigate decades of State concealed child abuse - probably wholly predictable.

Once again the Jersey 'Judiciary' revealed as the Snake's Head
You see I was told directly by a female police sergeant just two weeks ago (I can't yet give full details given that I am in the process of an official complaint about certain matters) that 'instructions' have apparently come down from the Attorney General that 'only' harassment of the most serious kind will be acted upon. The sickening and cowardly abuse that I - and at least EIGHT others I am aware of - have filed complaints about with the police regarding the same abuser of Mrs Sorda are apparently just 'playground stuff'!

Yes, remember those words: 'playground stuff' - the true Jersey police attitude to the harassment of people lurking behind the PR propaganda of protecting the community without fear or favour. Indeed, the same officer also claimed to me that the harassment law had 'never been intended' to be used to deal with thugs hiding their identity to abuse their victims over the internet etc. Funny then I suggest how both a lawyer and a senior police contact from the UK confirm to the contrary?

Spreading lies about victims having unpleasant diseases; about victims having committed serious but wholly fictitious crimes; sending false allegations to victims employers - even mocking the death of a loved one on the very day of their passing away to try and cause distress... Yes, it is all just 'playground stuff' to the caring leadership of the Jersey police apparently. Really - whatever were Mr and Mrs Sorda doing wasting police time about the bullying abuse they were suffering? Didn't they know how 'the law' works in Jersey circa 2014?

The truth is in Jersey 'laws' are applied only according to who a person is
As to the six million dollar question of exactly what will ever be seen as 'serious' enough harassment for our police to act upon I would suggest that we can only assume from the above response that this will likely be when some poor, vulnerable person ends up taking their own life: takes their life because the Jersey police and our current Attorney General will not do the job they are paid by the people of Jersey to do.

Who, I wonder, will get the blame or be held accountable then? The history of 'the Jersey Way' being what it is I would further suggest the answer will still be no one. Instead the ranks will once more close and the standard 'lessons have been learnt'; 'we need to move on and look forward - not apportion blame' lines will be rolled out yet again to ensure the guilty are not held accountable for their failures.

In Establishment Jersey it seems you even risk being penalised simply for standing up against those who abuse you

You see perhaps even more worrying for the likes of the wholly innocent Mrs Sorda and all of the rest of us victims of a deranged and twisted thug - yes, even those who have kept the evidence such as abusive, drunken rants left on his answer phone as one person has (despite the grovelling phone call to please forget it the next day) - is this.

According to this same police sergeant if the Jersey police did act against the cyber thugs and abusers who threaten and/or post anonymous, cowardly lies and hate about those they have fixations on then the  police would apparently 'also have to act' against those the very same police have left no other alternative by their failures but to 'out' such bullies themselves in the hope that this might put an end to the years of harassment!

What a truly great advert for Jersey policing. Not.

Of course the question also has to be asked as to how an Attorney General can manipulate his mandate up from simply deciding on prosecutions ONCE evidence has been presented in a police case all the way to now - apparently - issuing instructions as to who or what will be investigated and pursued by the police per se?  Incidentally I should point out here that my conversation with the police sergeant was witnessed in full so I do hope there will be no Haworth-like attempts to re-write history or recordings going missing now that I am spelling this shocking development out.

A compulsive liar exposed yet again

But getting back to Mr Haworth he has over the years made countless bogus and malicious complaints about me myself - a tactic he has also now sought to employ with the Sordas' case. This is of course a well known phenomena where the bully attempts to muddy the waters and deflect from his or her own abusive/anti-social behaviour - and thus avoid having to face up to his or her actions - by trying to portray themselves as the victim instead.

For example, as well as having made bogus complaints to a whole raft of other offices about me including to the Police; Data Protection Commissioner; the Judiciary and even to the Home Affairs Minister the details of  one of the complaints Haworth sought to waste the time of the .Privileges & Procedures Committee with about me is well worth recounting here simply for the light it sheds on the reality that he is beyond doubt a manipulative and compulsive liar.

Exposed again by his own mouth

You see here having failed with a groundless complaint to the Data Protection Commissioner - an individual Haworth has actually bragged to me (witnessed) he is good friends with (another fantasy?) - he somehow persuaded her to parcel up his failed complaint and pass it forward on his behalf to PPC! Why she would do this - it is clearly not her job - I can only guess? But what is so revealing is that within again trying to play the victim in his complaint Haworth stated - in writing - that he apparently both did 'not know' me and had 'no interest' in my politics.

Ludicrous of course - Haworth had been witnessed stumbling up to me to brag about who he was and what he did on more than one occasion. Yet given that all complaints have to initially be taken seriously by PPC I decided it was best to take along a Third Party as a witness to starkly demonstrate his lies for what they were.

A member of the public in fact who could tell the Committee the rather different truth about Haworth: i.e. that far from being a victim who had 'no interest' in me or my politics Mr Jon Sharrock Haworth was in fact so obsessed and fixated with me as a politician that he would phone this individual up on a daily basis - sometimes making multiple calls in the same day - to rant and rave about... yes, you guessed - Deputy Trevor Pitman and his politics!

Just who is monitoring the application of the Data Protection Law in Jersey?

Yet to return to the profoundly serious breach apparent in Haworth's bragging that he knew what was in Mr and Mrs Sorda's Income Tax return I believe you further have to ask what exactly is the point of Jersey's much-vaunted Data Protection Law in the first place? We have after all seen - time and time again - how it is not applied consistently and is even used in ways for which it was demonstrably never intended. To give but three brief examples for the uninitiated:

Ex-Senator Syvret gets taken to a secret court by manipulation of this law in a way that has even drawn comment at Westminster. Ironically, a share along with three others in almost half-a-million pounds of taxpayers' money being made available to the very same abuser of Mrs Sorda - Jon Sharrock Haworth to help bring this prosecution about. In Haworth's case simply because he didn't like what can, in reality, now be seen quite clearly to be the stark truth about his threatening, abusive behaviour being published by the former Senator on his blog.

Deputy Sean Power - yet again!

Deputy Sean Power on the other hand - who equally ironically Haworth claims was supplying him with personal information on Mrs Sorda (surely a genuine case for PPC to investigate?) -  is in contrast caught out stealing personal emails from a female States Member. Yet not only does he escape being charged by the police with theft he is found guilty only of a 'regulatory' Data Protection breach by the DPC! Just what a mere 'regulatory' breach is, of course, the States were never to find out thanks to the doggedly repeated gobbledygook spouted week after week by Senator Gorst and his Assistant Minister with 'Data Protection Law responsibility' Senator Paul Routier!

Finally, as a third example, only this year Shona and I were to ourselves experience another clear and deeply serious breach of the Jersey Data Protection Law (not to mention a breach of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights). This being when the local ITV (Channel television) wholly illegally broadcast unfinalised claims details from our Desastre case. This breach of the law is a documented fact - yet despite this the Data Protection Office took no action whatsoever.

I thus repeat: like so many other 'laws' here in Jersey thanks to our politicised judiciary and subservient agencies these are only pursued according to who you are. And as is equally well documented all of this unfolds again and again right under the gaze of the very UK Justice Ministry who are actually constitutionally obliged to intervene but instead enable and clearly condone it by their silence.

Which leads me to a final question.

Just when will the UK Justice Ministry finally step in and demand that Jersey's laws are applied fairly and to all - rather than being manipulated by our so-called 'justice' system as a tool of oppression to hound and abuse any who are deemed as critics of the local Establishment - or as we are now even seeing against individuals who simply have the misfortune to be family members or friends of such critics?

For in direct regard to the case of Jon Sharrock Haworth's abuse of Mrs Sorda and so many others: what would happen, I ask, if  recordings similar to those by which Rico Sorda finally exposed the truth about Haworth's behaviour were found to include threats of actual physical harm rather than only psychological harassment?

After all, as well as the victim who retained abuse left on his answer phone I am already aware of a complainant who told me that in 2012 he had contacted the police to state that Mr Haworth had phoned him to threaten he was coming to kill him. The police once again had apparently done nothing.

Would hard evidence of such violent intentions as claimed above  be 'serious' enough for our Attorney General - and the police he is now apparently able to instruct to a degree so far in excess of his true mandate - to finally act upon I wonder? Or would the victim of the threats be arrested and charged instead for having dared to reveal them? Perhaps with an additional charge of wasting police time over 'playground stuff' being thrown in for good measure?

If it was the latter then I suggest it really would be time all the pretence of democracy and justice in Jersey was abandoned for good and our Establishment start dusting down the Jackboots in our museums.

Keep the faith.

And thanks once again to all the many, many thousands of you who have taken the time to read this blog over the past three years. Your support has been greatly appreciated. Yes - this may be the end of the Bald Truth Jersey blog but unlike my original intentions it also marks a new beginning. 

For a brand new blog also featuring input from two key Jersey industry insiders will be launched before the end of next week. A brief message advising of its imminent first post and where to find the new blog will appear here the day before the launch takes place. And come April 6th next year... a most interesting development indeed...