Monday, 17 September 2012

More than 1000 sign e-petition in first few days!

Today I publish below the press release update on the Leah McGrath Goodman/Haut de la Garenne child abuse scandal e-petition. This was sent to all local media plus a number of UK and U.S. contacts this morning. 




In just four days, my petition in support of a U.S. journalist’s research into the Haut de la Garenne children’s home scandal on the Channel Island of Jersey attracted over 
1,000 signatures. The international response has been immense: citizens from every continent have written to insist that the truth come out (see petition on

The eyes of the world are now upon Jersey once again. I thus urge all Islanders to add their voice to this clarion call by signing this petition, which urges that journalist Leah McGrath Goodman – who has been banned from re-entering Jersey – be allowed to continue her research into the island’s handling of its child abuse investigations.

The Haut de la Garenne scandal saw nearly 200 victims accuse Jersey’s government of turning a blind eye to horrific crimes against defenseless orphans and other vulnerable children for decades; the illegal suspension of the island’s chief of police; the sacking of its health minister and key evidence – including the exhumed teeth, blood and bones of children – irreversibly compromised, as Jersey’s government scrambled to shut down the investigation at all costs.

After succeeding in doing so, Jersey’s government, to this day, squanders millions of pounds from the public purse to try to silence and discredit its critics – and, most shockingly, shield the accused from being brought to justice, a number of whom even remain free to work with the island’s children and strike again.

Jersey’s government, appallingly, has begun undertaking secretive legal action to protect those who stand accused. Indeed, only this past week, we have seen further worrying indications that all is not as it should be within our judicial system with my own revelation that an individual was allowed to sit in judgment of others as a Jurat (a lay judge) for 14 years despite huge failings in connection with child abuse at an exclusive private school where he was a teacher.

The unreasonable treatment of acclaimed U.S. author and journalist Leah McGrath Goodman – a former Tier-1 visa holder – surely has been proof that this situation simply cannot be allowed to continue.

Having successfully conducted her research into the “Historic” Abuse Scandal until 11 September 2011, when the UK Border Agency detained her at the request of the Jersey Customs and Immigration Service, Ms. Goodman was fingerprinted, photographed and stripped of her passport, phone, wallet and possessions and held in the basement of Heathrow Airport for more than 12 hours – past the legal limit – without access to a lawyer or the U.S. consulate. 

The UK Border Agency copied her papers without her consent and questioned her about her work in Jersey before sending her back to the U.S. In January 2012, the Border Agency then sent Ms. Goodman a letter informing her it had taken the additional step of banning her from entering the UK Common Travel Area for two years, but did not explain the reason for this action. It denied her the right to an appeal. UK Member of Parliament John Hemming interceded to reduce her ban to one year, expiring 11 September 2012, the day that I lodged this petition. Even so, Ms. Goodman’s visa status has yet to be reinstated.

This situation within our “democracy” should outrage not only ordinary members of the Jersey public, but every local journalist and broadcaster. I believe the time has come when those who care deeply about justice and democracy on the Island must finally say enough is enough. With the help of this international e-petition, we must insist Ms. Goodman’s Tier-1 visa be restored.

Every day that goes by without this problem being addressed potentially exposes the Island’s children to further abuses by those who have already been accused of unspeakable crimes – or have helped conceal them. It is time the public demand immediate action.

The Petition can be signed by clicking here

For further information and/or interviews please contact meon: Tel – 07797 824243 or (01534) 863436. Email:  or 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

FREE JERSEY! Please Help Us Restore Democracy to our Beautiful Island!

Today, I have launched an e-petition on in support of the return of U.S. investigative journalist and author, Leah McGrath Goodman, to the island to continue her research into decades of child abuse at Jersey’s state-run “care” homes and allegations of cover-ups in the wake of the government’s removal of the Chief of Police and shut-down of the entire investigation.

One year ago today, Ms. Goodman was banned from the UK and Jersey for two years after revealing to the Jersey Customs and Immigration Service during a voluntary meeting that she was writing a book on atrocities against children at Haut de la Garenne. According to the UK Border Force, she was flagged by Jersey Immigration authorities for removal upon her next border crossing – and that is exactly what happened. 

After the intervention of UK Member of Parliament John Hemming, the ban was reduced to one year and it expires today, 11 September 2012. That said, the UK and Jersey have so far declined to restore Ms. Goodman’s visa or allow her cross the border to continue her research. In order to do so safely, she will need to have her Tier -1 visa status fully restored – hence, the reason for this  e-petition today.

Leah McGrath Goodman should be permitted to complete her work in order that there is an accurate record based on the available facts and evidence. Jersey needs to confront the failings of its past so it can redress them and, most of all, ensure the safety of our children’s future.

We ask readers who care about the island’s children, who care about the island’s reputation, who believe in a free press and who want the truth to be told to sign the e-petition. We also ask fellow bloggers to copy and paste this blog onto their own Web sites so that we may show the world that Jersey wants the best for its future and its children. 

It is time to leave our island’s culture of secrecy behind and demand the kind of free and open society our island deserves. Those who would do otherwise are not representative of the majority of islanders.

Please spread the word and sign this petition (ten seconds). The Internet is the one thing Jersey authorities have not been able to lock down.....yet! The petition can be signed HERE 

Today is not a day to focus on right-wing versus left-wing politics, but the difference between right and wrong. When a democratic government abuses its substantial legal, legislative and financial powers to crack down on journalists’ freedom of speech, force policemen and elected officials from their jobs and systemically dismantle its own checks and balances so as to deny each of its targets due process, clearly it is a government that has lost its way.