Monday, 26 November 2012

The land re-zoning investigation that wasn’t to the roaring police silence on Jimmy Savile in Jersey. Is the common denominator ministerial and judicial interference? + September 28th – at last it’s now officially Jersey’s ‘Reform Day’! All this and a whole lot more from the island that democracy forgot…

In my last BTR before the promised extended ‘Jersey justice – not fit for purpose’  ‘special’ for once I’m going to start with a bit of self-congratulation. What am I talking about? Well September 28th 1769 of course and the events that were just about as close as Jersey has come to its own mini-revolution of democratic reform - yet…

The bravery of Tom Gruchy and several hundred other ordinary Islanders nearly two and a half centuries ago led to Jersey’s corrupt Royal Court losing its legislative powers; the island’s laws being written down for the first time in history within the Code of 1771; and even the beginnings of modern elections and set terms of Office. Yet both of the Chief Ministers didn’t think it important enough to warrant recognition! 

Could you hear such ignorant nonsense spouted in any other democratic parliament in the world outside of Jersey? Probably not - but fortunately for once the Shepherds of 21st Century feudalism just couldn’t round up enough sheep to keep this history buried. So a big ‘Thank you’ to all of the Members who supported me in the vote and to the Constable of Trinity for his pledge to help locate Tom Gruchy’s unmarked grave. Not to mention Mr. Mike Dun for both his research and his natty line in 18th day wear…

The Judiciary – aren’t they supposed to be all about ensuring justice? OK – so a silly question in Jersey as I now know from firsthand experience. After all, where else could someone sit for 14 years as a Jurat when an official inquiry had shown him to deliberately refuse to look at evidence against a horrific child abuser before then writing in support of the abuser himself? Nowhere that I can think of.

But more of that soon. For now we ask why wouldn’t an Attorney General want allegations of serious corruption relating to land re-zoning to be fully investigated? Not to mention ‘the’ question that the State Media are just too cowardly to confront: why would a Bailiff come to have a complaint about the aforesaid allegations that a politician had sent directly to the police?  

After all, my written question to the Home Affairs Minister this week confirmed that a Bailiff has no role whatsoever in on-going, operational police matters. So come on CTV, BBC, the JEP – stand up straight; chest out, shoulders back: what was our former Bailiff apparently doing with it in his possession? And under what powers did he summon a States Member to his office to demand she drop the complaint? If you haven’t got the TF to ask this one then you really shouldn’t be masquerading as ‘journalists’.

Then we have Finance. You don’t have to be a fraudulent Brazilian Mayor; a major gunrunner, drug dealer or even a hypocritical stand-up UK comic to know that aspects of Jersey’s key industry couldn’t pass the Senator Bailhache ‘sniff test’ even with a heavy head cold and a clothes-peg on your nose. 

So is everyone amongst the ever-increasing critics of the failings of the JFSC and co nothing more than an envious, embittered ‘enemy of Jersey’; a ‘wrecker’, a ‘traitor’ or even worse? Watch the video and find out. A more telling lesson as to how the Jersey Evening Pravda makes the message black or white according to the messenger you will be hard-pressed to find.

Jimmy Savile and the ever-spiralling number of victims coming forward about his stated reign of abuse. In the UK the Metropolitan Police are working overtime running a high-profile campaign to try and ensure that as many people with information as possible come forward. It’s in every newspaper. It’s on every news channel – TV and radio. Here in Jersey? Nothing but a deafening silence. The question surely has to be why. 

We know Savile came to Haut de la Garenne – there’s even a photo of him there on this blog. Don’t we owe it to every victim and just as importantly every potential victim of the same sort of circumstances to follow exactly the same kind of high-profile approach being undertaken in the UK? Shouldn’t we be asking who Savile knew and visited in Jersey? 

Or are we back to those embarrassing days of international ‘image’ being far more important? You might have thought that after the protect the ‘good name’ of the school before the interests of abuse victims scandal at Victoria College those at the top of government might just have learnt something.

And last but not least – well, very much last and least actually – the dark side of politics and Citizens’ media… 

Has your partner or loved one been furtively creating dozens of bogus Facebook accounts without coming up with any plausible explanation? Does he sometimes answer to other people’s names? Do they drink copious amounts of Stella and rarely wash, shave or change their clothes? Do they obsessively wipe their computer records with almost military-style fanaticism? Do you sometimes even stumble upon them dancing alone to scratched old Gary Glitter records in their underpants beneath a single, flickering light bulb? 

If so the last segment of BTR just might be of help to you…

Meanwhile - Keep the Faith. 

And if you haven’t done so already please sign the attached link to the e-petition to restore banned U.S. journalist Leah McGrath Goodman’s visa status to re-enter the island democracy forgot. Together we really can make a difference.

Monday, 19 November 2012


Plus… Jersey lawyers – they still want a profit even when you’re dead. How to achieve a 50% reduction in policing costs. And the complete betrayal of a local political Legend. It can only be the Bald Truth Review Episode 8! 

Sitting back in the production suite in the bowels of the BTR bunker yesterday (hidden away as it is deep within the mysterious Grands Vaux woods) to watch the rushes of the latest BTR the whole team was touched by the sense that this episode had a more sombre feel to it than usual. 

Was it just the understandable consequence of the report on how in Jersey it seems the vultures that proliferate in the local ‘legal profession’ still want old people’s money even when it essentially means wiping out their wills? (See the segment on ‘Will kits’) Perhaps that was a part of it. Yet all of us – even Sharrock the tea boy seemed to sense it now. For there it all was right in front of us: when you actually see it all reported in living colour there simply is something deeply wrong in the way so much of the Jersey ‘Establishment’ operates… 

Hi-jacked electoral commissions; top secret, behind-closed-doors ‘super-injunction’ using taxpayers’ money; Police Chief’s illegally suspended - not just for months but years; individuals allowed to sit as Jurats even though they are proven to have put protecting a ‘good name’ of a College before the bringing to book evil child abusing fellow teachers. All, of course, whilst the majority of the mainstream media happily collude with it all by ‘toeing the party line’ of twisting the true facts or keeping silent...

Then consider the current issue of Plemont and Senator Philip Bailhache’s apparent attitude that if he wants it then he’s going to have it! And if someone won’t give in during negotiations then that doesn’t matter either. Because the Senator will just blow off the cobwebs and wheel out the archaic old Compulsory Purchase ‘cannon’ and ride roughshod over democracy anyway. 

And to think: week in – week out we have to listen to the right-wingers in the States - and their Pravda mouthpiece journalists of course - spouting the propaganda that it is those pesky ‘Progressives’ who always want big, interventionist government! Laugh – you just have to or you would likely cry.

The bottom line on this particular issue is that I voted to save Plemont when it was last debated. Why? Because I know we need to start protecting what is left of our natural beauty before it is too late. Yet unlike so many of the Constables and country Deputies I also know that this view needs to apply equally – everywhere in the island. It can’t be allowed to go out of the window as soon as a Trinity borderline touches urban St. Helier. 

Yet whilst I will bet all my viewers a pint of their favourite tipple that come December 4th a whole shed-load of States Members suddenly change their minds in support of the purchase of Plemont – and for no demonstrable intellectual reason other than that Senator Philip Bailhache wants them to - the fact is that some things really do have to be considered afresh as having changed since last time we voted on this. Some things that really do mean that one has to start thinking about priorities...

We still have half-a-billion pounds in the so-called ‘Rainy Day’ fund yet our Council of Ministers remain quite happy to unnecessarily dish out hundreds of thousands of pounds for foreign offices for the Finance Industry in the same breath that they can’t even support a proper ‘living’ wage for those at the sharp end of the recession. 

Indeed, we see an attitude displayed by the Executive that continues to see the Public Sector bullied and played against that of the Private: a strategy that can do no good to anyone whatsoever. We’ve  seen much-needed frontline services being undermined; and even incredibly valuable learning initiatives for children – such as the one I tried to save at Durrell – abandoned because ‘we can’t afford them’.

Of course, it’s true that we do appear to now have a new Police Chief who has incredibly come up with a way to slash the cost of policing dramatically – though when you have watched the video I’m not sure it’s an approach you will want to support. Unless, perhaps, you’re a criminal, rogue-trader or ever-so-slightly dodgy politician…

The fact is that all too many within the Jersey Establishment have as little understanding of life’s realities for most ‘ordinary’ working people as they generally have about both political policy and economics. Perhaps even worse – all too many of them don’t even understand (or possibly even have?) any real values. Should we ideally save Plemont for future generations – of course we should. But that doesn’t mean to say ‘save it’ before all else. 

Put it like this. It’s a bit like a variant on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs; i.e. you don’t really worry about what paintings you would like to hang for decoration if you haven’t even got four walls and a roof above your head to begin with. Maybe that’s the way I should express the concern in the States? Then again you have to suspect that to all too many in the Council of Ministers Maslow would probably be thought to probably be the European fly-half Jersey ruby club are trying to sign!

Jersey I’m afraid is in dire danger of irretrievably losing its soul. Should you doubt this statement then just try watching my first story in BTR 8 about the disgraceful treatment of the memory of that late Legend of Jersey, ‘working class’ politics Mr. Emile Collins. This week the Constable of St. Helier should be hanging his head in shame…

But do ‘Keep the Faith’ regardless. The darkness can’t last for ever. And what better place to start than right here by clicking on the attached link below to sign the on-line petition to restore American journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman’s visa status allowing her to return to Jersey

Monday, 12 November 2012


Yes, it’s another classic week in the comedy that is the Jersey Establishment in government…

HSBC - It’s a bank, isn’t it? The UK’s largest. In fact a top notch, diamond of the Big 500 type of a bank? But have you ever wondered what the letters might stand for? Well for those of us in Jersey after this week’s exposure in the Daily Telegraph latest bets go something like this. 

‘H’ is probably for ‘Hiding It’; ‘S’ must be for ‘Secrecy’; ‘B’ could be for ‘Blagging It’ too? As for the C - well if you were to ask me - I would have to ask if it could be for ‘Corruption’. Drug dealers; gunrunners; major banking fraudsters – didn’t Senator Philip Bailhache assure us he had a ‘sniff test’ all those opening ‘Off-Shore’ accounts had to pass? Makes you wonder if the Senator could actually smell a week old Kipper under the bed!  Never mind - back in the States Chamber a brand new comedy double-act promise to tell the wider world exactly what the Jersey Financial Industry is all about... 

But what else have I got for you in a BTR Episode 7 that could almost be called ‘what the papers say’? 

Well, there’s a justice related ‘leak of the week’ the implications of which should have you absolutely terrified – and for once we are not talking Jurats happy to put protecting ‘the good school name’ before preventing child abuse. There’s another brilliant example of what some might call ‘media opinion management’ and others might just call the Jersey Evening Pravda once again ‘telling it how it isn’t’. (But don’t sue, Montford – Jersey ‘Justice’ can be very bad for your health and your bank account!)

Then, in the very week when Deputy Geoff Southern’s been hammered for pointing out that actually ‘he’s worth it’ (a salary increase that is; not a Cheryl Cole hair care contract) we have another ‘backbencher’ quietly doing what a Minister should be doing himself – but probably won’t unless he gets a front-page headline out of it. Yes, that’s right - we’re talking an update on everyone’s least favourite exploiters of Ukrainian seafarers: Condor Ferries.

Last - but very definitely not least - I have a report on what happened when ‘Investigative Citizen Journalist’ Rico Sorda finally went head-to-head with the editors of the States Media in the long-awaited ‘Allegations without substance’ BBC Radio challenge. Would Rico get routed? Would BBC Jersey’s Gripton get a grilling? Would Chris Bright even turn up? 

Keep the Faith – and please click on the link below to sign the on line petition to get banned U.S. journalist Leah McGrath Goodman’s visa status to re-enter Jersey reinstated!

Monday, 5 November 2012


Super-injunctions; banned U.S. journalist Leah McGrath Goodman visa update; Sadie sings about States Members’ pay and Ben the Tory gets shirty – it’s the Bald Truth Review Episode six!

The 28th of September 1769 was a date crucial to the beginnings of our still deeply flawed democracy. 

Yet 243 years from now the Bald Truth of the matter is that November 5th 2012 could be viewed as a date every bit as important. A day in fact when all of the efforts and personal risk of Thomas Gruchy and his companions goes down the proverbial pan quicker than an internet troll’s supper after 17 pints of Stella down the pub. 

I’m talking about ‘super-injunctions’ of course and Jersey’s steady slide into the type of justice system where even the notorious Roland Freisler would not look out of place. Find out more by watching the show…

States Members’ pay… 

Always guaranteed to make the front page in the local Pravda; and always guaranteed to see the said Establishment Party mouthpiece wheeling out some complete political non-entity desperate for some publicity to talk about it. Remember Ben ‘Ten’ Shenton a couple of years ago? This year it’s the lovely Constable of St. Saviour breaking her political vow of silence.

Should we be accepting a pay rise this year? No – we certainly shouldn’t. But the Bald Truth of the matter is shouldn’t even be discussing what a deliberately independent review panel put forward either. Forget Chief Minister Gorst’s PR stunt. ‘Just say no!’ as the old drugs advert used to say. Find out why…

Add in banned U.S. journalist Leah McGrath Goodman still awaiting the outcome of her Visa application to continue her investigation into the Jersey child abuse scandal. A suspected rebel within the ranks at Pravda sowing seeds of journalistic sedition? News of a forthcoming ‘Special’ on Jersey’s highly politicised judicial system…And yes – you have to concede: BTR Six really is even scarier than that ‘a Bitchin’ and a moanin’ Ben Quérée revealing his Establishment Party credentials in the twilight zone! 

Watch the video – and then if you haven’t done so already click on the link below to sign the petition to restore Leah McGrath Goodman’s visa status. After that – why not get on the phone to your local politician to complain about the blatant abuse of our Data Protection Law and the use of your money in the process.