Tuesday, 25 March 2014


The official launch of the Committee of Inquiry into the State cover up of decades of institutional child abuse is now just over a week away. Many abuse survivors have often thought that we would never, ever get to see this finally come about. Understandably so, given the rabid opposition orchestrated by those who desperately wanted both the true extent of the victims’ suffering; and the betrayals of those who let it happen and should have brought the perpetrators to justice years ago swept under the carpet in best ‘Jersey Way’ fashion to protect our image as an ‘Off Shore centre’. 

Survivors/victims have not only been dismissed and even simply deliberately ignored over the years many have been bullied; they have been humiliated and insulted. Some have even been threatened with legal action to try and intimidate them into silence. As one of the tiny handful of politicians who actually fought for the establishment of the Committee of Inquiry way back in 2008 I thus really cannot stress highly enough just how crucial it is that anyone who has evidence of any kind comes forward now and presents this to the Committee if it at all possible. 

I know only too well from the large number of survivors I have spoken to that this will be terribly painful for many… 

Perhaps it will even be genuinely impossible for a number. Indeed, just listening to some of the victims’ experiences made me feel physically sick on occasions. But what all of us who do not go along with the ‘Jersey Way’ ethos of the likes of the Bailhache brothers – two arrogant and utterly disgraced Attorney Generals and ‘judges’ whose names are now shamefully synonymous with the betrayal of both child abuse victims and justice alike – must keep in mind is this. 

No matter how painful; no matter what the intimidation or the cost all who can manage it simply must endeavour to place all that we know ‘on the record’ come the inquiry beginning on April 3rd because the alternative is surely even worse. Can we be sure that the Committee will act upon the evidence they are given as a truly independent body should do? No. We cannot. Yet what we can do - and do beyond any shadow of a doubt – is ensure that all of the facts finally do end up on the public record for posterity. 

By doing so we thus may just ensure that this type of sickening cover-up by the Island’s Establishment cannot happen so easily again; nor perpetrators get away with it so easily. 

After all, Jersey won’t always have a ‘justice’ system as corrupt and utterly warped by power and greed as the one allowed to ferment under Philip Bailhache and the equally contemptuous of Jersey’s obligations to comply with the European Convention on Human Rights, Michael Birt. Just as one day the UK finally won’t have weak individuals like recent ‘Justice Ministers such as McNally and Hughes; or of course the Queen’s Lieutenant-Governor for the Island who equally know what is going on but keep their mouths shut for fear of damaging the murky Jersey tax links with the City of London. Truth will always out in the end no matter how long it takes. 

But should you be one of those who genuinely doubt that presenting your evidence is worthwhile or will achieve anything positive – perhaps when set against the pain the process may bring about - please just consider the likely consequences if you do not. For in such a scenario the likelihood is that the lies and false picture of what took place at Haut de la Garenne and so many other places painted by the Establishment and their lackey media mouthpieces like the Jersey Evening Post will over time become accepted ‘fact’. 

Just as Dr. Goebbels stated: if you keep repeating a lie long enough… 

Not only will both the true extent of the suffering of the victims and the complicity of the politicians, civil servants, police and media who made it all possible be airbrushed out of history – the same Establishment and media fabrications trashing the hard work of the brave police officers, Graham Power and Lenny Harper, who finally did act to do something about it all will also become historical ‘fact’. 

This should be something that not a single soul who cares about justice and putting an end to ‘the Jersey Way’ could even contemplate as letting happen. And that is why all who can should give their evidence and give it proudly. 

Indeed, as the politician who led the investigation into the absolute fabrication of what really happened within the financial managing of Operation Rectangle by Power and Harper I know as well as anyone how the Jersey mainstream media – not just the Jersey Evening Post but Channel and the local BBC - sold the public a work of fiction in conjunction with Establishment politicians that would have done Stephen King proud. 

For example, without the evidence secured from witnesses in that Scrutiny Review we would never know such important and revealing facts such as… 

Far from Harper and Power ‘wasting’ 7.5 million pounds as claimed by the State media and some oddly obsessed Establishment politicians the duo did not even spend such a figure at all. The majority of the money actually was spent by their successors Warcop and Gradwell who did not even have a major crime scene to maintain. 

We would never know the truth that, try as politicians such as Ben Shenton, Jim Perchard and Sean Power did to smear the name of Lenny Harper the only individual leaking information to the media during a live child abuse investigation was actually Mick Gradwell – the man the JEP tried to spin to people as some kind of whistle-blowing hero! Yes, one of the very men brought in by the Establishment to trash and bury the whole investigation! 

These are just two hugely revealing facts amongst a great many that were dragged out into the light to counter the Establishment/State media lies only by people giving evidence to my panel… 

By now speaking to the Committee of Inquiry survivors and other witnesses alike can achieve the same – only even more so! Perhaps even setting in motion moves that will finally bring some of those protected under the ‘justice’ of the regimes of Bailhache and co to belated justice. So I repeat: let the true facts be recorded for future generations. Because if we do not we can be quite certain it will only make the events surrounding Haut de la Garenne all the more likely to happen again. 

Keep the Faith

Sunday, 16 March 2014


A short video outlining my thoughts on what we can take from the by-election success of Leftist candidates and now new Deputies Sam Mezec and Nick Le Cornu. Does this signify a new appetite for political change across the Island, or is it more complex than that?

And what does the dismal failure of the Establishment candidates to grab two Leftist seats - seats formerly occupied by myself and Shona Pitman of course and never lost at the ballot box but rather due to Michael Birt's corrupt judiciary - mean for the future of the Old Boys. Club?

Finally, and surely of equal importance what does the by-election victories for the Left really mean viewed in the wider context of renewed talk of trying to establish party politics in the Island?

Ten minutes of your time well spent even if I say so myself!

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Vicious cyber bully Maureen Morgan humiliated as St. Helier No 1 District voters refuse to buy into the con…

It is undoubtedly true to state that a number of questions have continued to defeat even the finest of minds throughout the unfolding of history. Profound and intriguing mysteries such as…

·      What was the spiritual motivation underlying the erection of the gigantic and spectacular carven heads on Easter island?
·      Does the legend of the drowning of a super-advanced civilisation on Atlantis really have its roots in truth?
·   And does convicted petty criminal purveyor of cowardly death threats Jon Sharrock Haworth ‘get in to character’ by slipping into a frock and heels whilst posting on line abuse as ‘Sue Young’?

Yet daunting to the human condition as these great questions are truth be told we can be quite confident that eventually – given the inevitable march forward of scientific research and, indeed, psychic development – in time all of the above mysteries will be solved. A stark contrast I suggest to what is now surely set to become the most bizarre and illogical incident of all time.

I write of course of the question as to what the **** ever could have convinced a bitter and twisted, malicious, mean-spirited, potty mouthed pretend witch and claimed ‘professional’ Tarot card reader - one Maureen Morgan (‘Su-Mo’ to her victims on the internet) to kid herself she had even a cat in hell’s chance of conning enough of the fine people of St. Helier No. 1 District to vote her into the States Assembly?

Yes it is certainly true that things in The Island Democracy Forgot are bad: really bad! Hell, with having lost Daniel Wimberley, Stuart Syvret, Bob Hill and now also both Shona (Pitman) and myself – that’s a full five of only eight politicians in recent times who were brave enough to stand up to the Establishment cover-up merchants  and their corrupt judicial counterparts – things in truth have never ever been democratically bleaker.

But desperate enough to make any sane and basically decent person risk a vote for Maureen Morgan?

A woman whose entire contribution to the Jersey community appears to revolve around the spreading of vicious and cowardly lies on the internet about anyone who dares disagree with her; let alone commit the cardinal sin of challenging or criticising her? As the truly pathetic and embarrassing total of just 51 voters psycho Su-Mo managed to garner in the by-election of March 5th 2014 spells out (no pretend witch pun intended!); and a fact all with even a rudimentary knowledge of politics, democracy, socio-economic and even plain and simple old common decency could have told her: the answer is a spectacular and resounding NO!

In fact the message for Maureen Morgan sent out by the electorate tonight could not be any less ambiguous: Go back to the broom cupboard. Stop taking your clear self-loathing, low self-esteem and twisted bitterness at your personal failures out on other people with this obsessive and cowardly internet bullying. Hell, act like an adult for once, take responsibility. Take a good hard look at yourself - and get some HELP!

The evidence of Maureen Morgan’s cyber abuse is shocking…

Indeed as just one of the many people Su-Mo has viciously and obsessively attacked (in all honesty her whole life seems to revolve around me as documented by numerous screenshots sent to me by people concerned I might have a deranged stalker) my ‘crime’ warranting this warped behaviour appears to have arisen simply from my daring to challenge her appalling cyber attacks on the name and character of the late Simon Abbott: a vulnerable individual barely cold in the ground.

Vicious cyber rants the style of which Morgan has continued to hurl to at the late Mr Abbott’s distraught and grieving father Jon!

Okay, so my other personal ‘crime’ in Su-Mo’s twisted mind also appears to be that I hold Leftist political principles and perhaps even worse in her warped imagination and seething jealousy – I have over a number of years put in the kind of hard graft on behalf of the people who twice elected me (and just as many who couldn’t or even probably wouldn’t) which a lazy motor-mouth bully like Morgan could only dream of.

Morgan ‘talks the walk’ but can’t ‘walk the talk’

Indeed, should anyone have any doubts on this last fact then just consider this little gem; Maureen Morgan bragged at the political hustings, on radio and on the net that she was the person who as Deputy would ‘just roll up her sleeves’ and ‘do the work’ that needed doing.’ How strange then that this very same person was simply too bone idle (or is that also too staggeringly arrogant?) to even knock on all the electorate’s front doors in the course of her election ‘campaign’? A ‘bad back’, Su-Mo - how very convenient.

In one of those bizarre twists of fate as chance would have it I came to be tipped off by the drunken blabberings of one of the tiny coterie of loons Morgan appears to feed on via a particular internet ‘political forum’ that Su-Mo was convinced she could get a great deal of publicity by deliberately goading me into exchanges throughout the weeks of the election campaign. ‘Jonnie’ or was it ‘Sue’ or ‘Julie’ being a bampot of equally staggering size let slip that not only would I apparently be ‘fuming’ at Morgan’s standing I also ‘just wouldn’t be able to resist firing back’ at Su-Mo’s on line abuse.

The fact was however her running for election actually had me in fits of laughter and further resolved me - thanks the troll’s loose tongue - that I wouldn’t make a single comment or criticism until after the polling station had closed on March 5th. And despite the desperate and rabid abuse I have stuck to this. Indeed, as candidate Roy Travert observed in chatting to me only last week; though giving my personal view of who I thought best merited a vote in both St. Helier 1 and 2 unlike Maureen Morgan I haven’t laid in to any candidate no matter what I thought.

But now of course the gloves can come off

The fact is deprived of the publicity I would have guaranteed her Maureen Morgan’s election ‘campaign’ has consequently been all but non-existent: simply revolving around pumping out ever more vicious and childish abuse at those who she clearly knew were putting in the work and thus were more likely to have a chance of getting elected. People who also just happened coincidentally to be (you guessed it!) other community-driven leftists like Sam Mezec and Nick Le Cornu.

Candidates endorsed! 

Candidates whose words reveal them to know far more about the nature of the problems facing those on the sharp end of our Establishment’s entrenched two-tier society economy than Morgan could ever hope glean given her sad existence in Sim City.  Candidates who were also, just like me, willing and committed to trying to do something positive about it.

But then it has to be said that Mad Maureen and her little band (one or two are actually real people!) would equally even pour scorn and abuse on Leftists who were not even on the internet nor even involved in the No. 1 campaign such as Shona! No insult it seems was too low. Shona, like me, was apparently even a ‘disgraced’ States Member. 

Whether this was because she too had an excellent reputation for helping vast amounts of people that even political adversaries such as Sean Power and Philip Ozouf acknowledged or simply because Su-Mo hated the fact Shona also had a science-based Degree in addition to a Masters was never made clear. Probably just being married to the person Morgan was wholly obsessed with was justification in itself?

Even the well-intended Gino Risoli was abused and ridiculed mercilessly by Su-Mo’s tiny gang of supporters for simply having contrary perspectives. Whilst incredibly the bullying Su-Mo would even mock her victims’ appearance. People were 'Bald Tits.' People were 'wankers'. (Rico Sorda in this case I believe). All pretty rich indeed coming from a woman who if one was to adopt her own standards would surely face the barb that she herself appears to have fallen from the very top of the ugly tree and bounced on every single branch on the way down?

Su-Mo would also happily mock her chosen victim’s demeanour – hey, I am apparently ‘camp’ amongst other things (no problem with that Su-Mo: if it was good enough for a pair of geniuses like Lou Reed and David Bowie then its quite good enough for me!) No insult it appeared was too low for this truly horrible, embittered individual. Indeed, at a special Church hustings Morgan even appalled people present with her ignorant, mocking views on inequality and ‘one armed black lesbians’!

Yet if all of this wasn’t enough then Maureen Morgan would also simply just make up lies…

For example I apparently had called her a ‘bitch’ a number of times on the internet. Yet oddly, when I took the trouble to write to her politely requesting she point out exactly ‘where and when’ Morgan obviously could not. As she knew full well it simply hadn’t happened. Indeed, faced with her lies being confronted head on Morgan never even bothered to reply.

Of course in reading this no doubt her excuse will be to claim that the letter had somehow never been received. Heck, perhaps because it had inadvertently been eaten by her witches ‘familiar’? (Now I obviously can’t confirm this but someone alleged to me they had heard Su-Mo actually claims to have one. A big, fluffy white supremacist rabbit named ‘Rolland’ or so the lady suggested!

Yet perhaps most troubling in looking back on all of Maureen Morgan’s horrible cyber bullying and abuse of people is what she actually told people on the internet – and within her ‘manifesto’ that she wanted to do had enough people in St. Helier No. 1 have been sufficiently gullible to vote her into the States.

Incredibly Maureen Morgan stated that she wanted to work within mental health!

Mental health! I ask readers: given all of the behaviour I have highlighted; all of the horrible abuse and attempts at cyber bullying could there really be a better example of what a lucky escape not just the people of No. 1 District but the Island generally have just had? Is this woman really that deluded? Quite possibly so given that in one of her rants at me Su-Mo had actually claimed that she was both a ‘counsellor’ and a ‘healer’! Indeed, just what poor Mr Jon Abbott will make reading such claims I really can’t imagine.

Indeed, real witches - 'healers' - as Morgan claims to be such as the late George Pickingill and Doreen Valiente would surely be disgusted in my view.

Yet for all of Maureen Morgan’s horrible abuse and the cowardly lies she has spread about me and my wife the fact is that ultimately I just feel sorry for this sad and pathetic individual. After all – when even the Establishment won’t take a risk on a rabid anti-Leftie candidate you really should know you are seen as one of life’s losers! Indeed, it is fair to say it would be quite difficult to sink any lower.

But let’s end this obituary on Maureen Morgan’s ‘political career’ and her now vanished 15 minutes of fame on a positive and conciliatory note. Firstly, thanks to an e-mail sent to me I am informed Su-Mo apparently stated that she worked for the States of Jersey? Is this true – I doubt it? But if it is then Su-Mo you actually may have to bite your forked tongue and send me a nice little ‘Thank you’.

You see back in 2009 it was my successful proposition which finally won ordinary States employees the right to be allowed to utilise their annual leave entitlement and/or any owed T.O.I.L for the purpose of conducting an election campaign in the same way any employee within the private sector is able to! Secondly, one can only hope that mmmmm.... Promatech - those nice sex toy people - allowed their employees to do the same...

Keep the Faith.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


This post is simply to update readers on the latest collusion between the scared and corrupt old men who control Jersey 'justice' and their City of London counterparts. Yes - Act 1159 in the desperate attempt to continually delay and ultimately prevent us exposing the disgrace of Jurat John Le Breton-Gate to the Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg.

In stark contrast to the dumbed down nonsense written by the Jersey Evening Pravda's Andy Sibcy the real issue underlying the privy Council's reported refusal to accept and hear our appeal is this I outline below. The Privy Council - the very highest court in the United Kingdom - apparently do not have the jurisdiction 'under Jersey Law' dating back to 1961 to hear the case! Confused? You will be...

For actually this isn't all that important in the our particular case in the long term - though it obviously has severe implications for the ever-growing number of other ordinary people in Jersey being shafted by Michael Birt's Theatre of the Absurd; all whilst Queen's Representative, Lieutenant Governor Sir John McColl sits on his butt doing nothing. You see we always knew we would have to get to Strasbourg to obtain justice.

How much longer will the 'Justice MInister' let them get away with it...

Because what readers need to understand is that here - just as they have done so many times now and in so many different people's cases - the corrupt Royal Court is once again trying to disregard its obligations under the ECHR.

As some readers may already know under the ECHR - Article 6 etc - the courts must provide a potential remedy and a genuine one at that for anything which impinges on ones Human Rights. With the collusion of the Jersey Appeal Court Judges we had already suffered this abuse of process when these stooges ruled that we should apparently not have sought justice for Jurat Le Breton's disgusting failings and conflicts of interest via the 'political' route. But should have instead put our faith in the 'correct' channel of the Jersey justice system.

Only to then...

tell us in the very next paragraph of their corrupt and flaw riddled judgement that actually Le Breton's clearly not being fit to hold office having deliberately refused to examine evidence relating to his paedophile friend and colleague Andrew Jervis-Dykes was not in fact in the business of the Court at all! That's right - no potential remedy was open to us whatsoever! The good old Jersey Way in action once again. 

Yet now, not only were we seeing the highest court in the land claiming it had no power over an obviously lower court, the fact is Jersey 'justice' has also taken an even more sinister twist...

Yes, according to Jersey's take on the ECHR should anyone find themselves made en desastre - no matter whether it be a consequence of an on-going court battle as opposed to a failed business for example - your ABSOLUTE Human Right to seek justice and a genuinely fair court process is taken away from you overnight and placed in the hands of the Jersey Viscount! With regard to Human Rights you become a non person

Incredible? Most certainly. Utter bollocks with zero legal standing? Absolutely.

For here is the real Jersey Way gem within all of this.

When one politely points out this clear abuse to the authorities the Jersey Viscount will then still take the matter to the very same corrupt Royal Court for a ruling on the nonsense! And it gets yet better still - or worse in truth if you are the victim on the receiving end of this. For though you have had nothing whatsoever to do with instigating this farce they will then employ a Jersey Advocate to investigate the matter!

A matter which will then cost around £22,000 (and rising!) and which you will discover can actually be charged to... little old YOU!

£22,000 which should have been available to creditors (well, at least until you get to Strasbourg and justice). As former Senator Stuart Syvret used to observe so rightly: 'you really could not make this stuff up!'

But just in case Michael Birt's Theatre of the Absurd hasn't quite got you toppling off your stool in disbelief yet this pathetic farce actually has an even bigger twist to it.

In representing the Viscount's case to the Royal Court the Advocate - having done his £22,000 worth of research - actually agreed with what Shona and I (Shona of course has a Masters Degree in a Human Rights based discipline) told him and stated to the Court that in his view the claim by the privy Council that they did not have the jurisdiction to accept and hear our appeal was completely WRONG!

The consequence of all this?

You could almost predict it. Commissioner Clyde-Smith and his two Jurats - who neither, all present agreed had clearly not appeared to understand a tad of what was being argued - hurriedly decided to adjourn. And have remained adjourned now for no less than 20 days without any sign of returning. Leaving us in limbo.

Having obviously complained as until we get a ruling on this we cannot progress on the long path to the court at Strasbourg where the professional justice of a true court can be guaranteed the truth of what is going on here seems quite apparent: somehow over these three weeks something is being cobbled together to ensure we are once again delayed as much as possible and so that this whole despicable and embarrassing farce may be passed off as legitimate.

Which ironically if only those who conduct the Jersey Way were not quite so stupid they might actually realise may eventually - no matter how stressful - help us finally achieve the justice we clearly merit no matter how long it ultimately takes.

Truth as they say will always out in the end.

Keep the Faith.