Wednesday, 12 June 2013


''If people are not truthful they suffer the consequences... If a Minister lied to another Minister, so far as I am concerned, that would be pretty well the end of a Ministerial career...''

                                                     Senator Sir Philip Bailhache
                                                          2011 Election Speech

Yesterday a meeting took place in the Boardroom at Morier House. It was a meeting that in many ways goes to the very heart of just what is wrong with Jersey under the shiny-shoed heel of the 'image before justice' phonies of the Establishment Party. It was a meeting about what has become known here to political observers as 'Bailhache-Gate'.

Now I must admit even I have actually been slightly surprised at just how much interest this story has continued to generate through the blog weeks after I first broke the story - and even with the orchestrated tight closing of ranks of the MSM to try and kill an expose that cuts right through all of the gloss and guff surrounding a figure whom so many see as the very epitome of maintaining the Old Order of keeping the 'little people' in our place. 

Nevertheless, what took place this Monday evening was that our Chief Minister (that's Senator Gorst by the way) - a politician who had, even having been contacted personally by one of the businessmen at the centre of this story, refused to do the honourable thing and confirm to the States Assembly last week that this gentleman was very real indeed - finally came face-to-face with the man who knows full well that the version of events given to the States by Senator Bailhache was nothing more than a bare-faced fabrication of staggering arrogance.

The Truth. The Whole Truth. Nothing but the Bald Truth...

Infact we didn't have just one businessman who can blow the whistle on the Bailhache bull but two! For such was my constituent's understandable anger at being accused of making the whole story up his business partner - who happened to be travelling with him and was also able to verify what had been seen - also attended. 

Yet before we cut to the chase of just where this meeting leaves us and discus the action now required of our Chief Minister (yes, that's still Senator Gorst) let's just remind ourselves of why this meeting had come about with a few damning words from the letter sent direct to the Chief Minister regarding his 'Foreign Minister's' behaviour:

''Dear Chief Minister. I am writing in response to the recent public allegation from Sir Philip Bailhache that I am the creator of a fictitious and malicious e-mail which I sent to Deputy (Trevor) Pitman on 22nd March 2013 -  so in basic terms a liar. I can 100% assure you that there is only one person in this situation who is fictitious and that is not me!''

Time for a large dose of Testicular Fortitude...

How did our Chief Minister now respond to this irrefutable evidence that he had been duped; and in allowing himself to be so, also misled the States Assembly and public; and thus helped paint this gentleman and yours truly as liars? He fidgeted. He waffled. He made excuses. He tried the line that the Senator's actions had 'nothing to do with Senator Bailhache being his Assistant Minister'.

Hell, he even tried to bull the businessman that he really could not do anything with the complaint 'unless his name could be made public'. Indeed, in what I saw as a quite shameful further attempt at double-edged buckpassing the Chief Minister even told him he should really complain to PPC. But should be aware that Senator Sir Philip Bailhache was himself a member of this Committee.

My God, is there any wonder so many good, decent people are cowered into silence?

Fortunately, however, neither businessman was having any of this. As the complainant put it so adroitly: ''You don't need our names to be made public at all. Give us one valid reason. I have written to you. I have explained in detail what both of us could see. We have even come to meet you in person with the States Greffier to answer any questions. Just who would our names need to go to?'

Yes, the 6 million dollar question indeed! To who and to where would these gentlemens' names go and for what purpose? Ensure their businesses never get any contracts again? To have them socially ostracised? The Jersey Way in all of its insidious and sordid glory. Not surprisingly our Chief Minister did not have an answer. So as a true 'team player' I will tell him - with the help of those words from my constiuent - just what he does need to do.

'Chief Minister, I expect you to do the right thing'...

Senator Sir Philip Bailhache needs to be asked to resign. If he won't go - and given the arrogance he has displayed at almost every turn since being elected I doubt he would - the Chief Minister needs to ensure he is sacked. After all, just remember the Senator's words at the top of this post.

Indeed, remember also that Senator Bailhache actually sits on the Privileges & Procedures Committee dealing out judgement and discipline on other Members. He obviously needs to be sacked from that position too. Are you man enough Constable Simon Crowcroft? Or is the role of PPC only applied to those outside of the Establishment Party fold as so many of us think?

Senator Bailhache has shown himself, once again, to be a politician who thinks there is one rule for him and another for everyone else. If 'Chief Minister' Gorst isn't big enough to show him that he is wrong and thus show him the ministerial door then the Bald Truth of the matter is HE needs a vote of no confidence himself.

And if he doesn't 'do the right thing' let me tell him I'm happy to inform him he will get one.

Keep the Faith.



  1. Thanks for this -I await developments with interest. Ye Gods, the corruption is unbelievable. I actually feel slightly sick.

  2. The truth is finally coming out and I thank the business men involved for highlighting the corrupt and lying so called establishment officials that we have in our so called squeaky clean state officials, and elected at that by our public. Time to go Bailhache and Gorst and do the right thing. Don't worry, the rest of the Establishment wont be far behind, and very soon. I hope McNally has read your post

  3. Excellent stuff Trevor, and huge respect to both yourself and the two business men for not letting this drop. I agree with every sentiment regarding the sacking of Bailhache (if the man had a brain he would be dangerous), and the inactions of Gorst not only on this issue, but on others also. I am afraid he is not made of leadership material.

    The Jersey Way in all its full. gory and dirty detail. Time for a good bleach and scrub. We need to spread this post as far and wide as possible.

  4. There is actually a short but hugely telling video clip on the net of the election speech that the Senator Bailhache quote at the top of this story is taken from. Its only about a minute long but if anyone wants to send the link please do.

  5. About the only person who could defend Philip Bailhache on this now would be jersey's local internet troll. Surely there cannot be another person in the whole island daft enough? Alright so maybe Gorst and Bailhache him self?

  6. I hope bailhache does not resign, and then Trevor brings a vote of no confidence against him, that way a wider Island audience will get to know the true storey via the radio about this guy, and won,t be misled by the daily liar. (jep)

  7. Unfortunately I pressed 'delete' on a comment from Jon rather than 'publish'. Just force of habit I suppose - his mad rants are usually full of mindless, embittered abuse.

    Nevertheless, if he wants to re-send his post about 'why don't the businessmen reveal their IDs' I am happy to publish it.

    yet the answer, of course, is quite clear. They have appeared in person to verify facts for the Chief Minister. He knows their ID full well. So does the Chairman of PPC.

    Yhere is, as they say, no need to do more. And why should we ask them to given the appallingly unprofessional and arrogant, bullying behaviour of Senator Bailhache already?

    As one of them rightly stated: he is worried at what else the Senator could be capable of having his attempt to mislead the States exposed? In my view who could blame him for such worries.

    1. Hi Trevor,

      Thought I would put a comment on here in response to the accidently deleted comment from Jon that he may well I hope post again!

      Just to confirm what you say in your last post the answer is quite clear that now we have personally met the Chief Minister to prove that we are not ficticious or malicious so there is no need to reveal our ID's to anyone else.

      As I have said all along, the information that I had given to you Trevor was as a concerned member of the public and really to guage your view on what I had seen and if you thought anything should be done about it.

      I have no reason to take what I have said any further, no reason to complain to PPC about being called a liar, as I stated to the CM in our meeting, what would be the point in it, I know full well what the facts are and who is the liar in this whole saga!

      If Bailhache had just stuck to his line of 'I do not recall reading anything other that the Korris report' then I would most likely not have emailed the CM. To call me a liar and you a liar when we know he is the liar in the whole saga was just plain stupid!

      Revealing our ID's would prove nothing more, the CM, yourself and Mr De La Haye all know our ID's, you have all met us face to face there is no need for anyone else to know.

      The CM is the only person who can now 'Do the right thing' as I suggested to him in our meeting, lets just hope he does but given how weak he came across when I met him on Monday its quite doubtful the right thing will be even considered let alone done!

      I am happy to answer any questions 'Anon' if any of your blog readers have anything to ask!

      email me if you want to confirm that I have left this 'Anon' comment Trevor but im sure you know, two cappuccino's and a tea wasnt it? :)

  8. Why do the Media people I speak to all say you've lost the plot and this like every other post is a load of crap? Why do other States Members I ask say you are making a fool of yourself online everyday? Funny that, still you rely on that fruitcake Leah McGrath Goodman and fellow brain dead bloggers, at least they take you seriously and its all entertaining :-0

    1. Hi Jon

      The answers to your questions are as follows.

      'Media people' say this to you for two reasons. One - because they exist only inside your own twisted, drink-fuelled little brain.

      Second - in the staggeringly unlikely possibility that ANY media people do talk to you (i.e because everyone knows you are a sad social inadequate, drunk and cowardly, convicted criminal spreader of jealousy and hate) it would almost certainly because they must work for the local Pravda?

      You know, that fine organ that spreads lies about any who stand up for justice and democracy and can only win a court case by having a very friendly Jurat on board.

      As for the 'States Members' you apparently talk to there are only two who haven't lost their seats now due to their being so useless, aren't there.

      One of these appears to have a prediication for other people's e-mails. The other (who the smart betting says will fail to retain his Senatorial seat come the next election)actually tells us that you need help and laughs about how you keep bombarding him with texts - even when he is the Far East!

      finally, as to the 'brain dead' bloggers and Ms McGrath I really don't need to defend them in any way - they are big enough to do that themselves.

      But just consider this (if you are Stella Artois free enough?).

      The likes of Voiceforchildren and Rico Sorda do work that is widely respected by many international journalists - proper journalists. They do work that seeks to help people.

      Compare that with what you do: sad, pathetic little fake IDs and hate-sites for you to pour out your drunken inadequacy and bile at being loathed by humanity. You know, hate-sites that no one but you, the police and a handful of fellow loons and political hasbeens even visit. Useful - I think not.

      As for the journalist you attack and call a 'fruitcake' (what is this thing you have against worman?)she has, as one small example, written a highly respected for its research and best-selling book. She gets employement with international, highly respected journals.

      You on the other hand have written nothing more challenging than a highly creative CV where you have to find inventive ways to conceal your Trolling hobby and why no one will give you a job. Well, unless somewhere in Jersey decides to advertise for a fully qualified Village idiot' anytime soon.

      So off you go. I will not be indulging you again. Perhaps if you climb right in and look you will find one more can of Stella at the back of the fridge. In fact while you are looking - why not do all decent, normal people a favour and pull the door closed behind you?



    2. Ha, ha, ha. This is priceless. Sums the idiot up to a tee. A put-down par excellence. Our troll chum is two cans short of a six pack for sure.

  9. As Ex Senator Syvret says in the link its ok to lie if you are in with the in crowd.

    lets hope that those days are over....

    Starting from this case!?

  10. Bailhache needs to know the names, so he can concoct a story about them, such as, they are slightly deranged.

  11. Excellent work Trevor and I commend your diligence in this matter. These people think and behave as though they have no accountability for their actions. I believe that bailiach will rue the day he showed such contempt for the individuals concerned. Whilst gorst must be wishing he could wave a magic wand and make him disappear. Keep up the sterling work Trevor you are an inspiration to many and your continued digging will bring the just rewards eventually.

  12. Good news, although a little off topic:

    It appears that scrutiny, in a balanced and well written report, are against PB's project of a Minister for External Relations

    Even former CM Terry Le Sueur admits in his written evidence on the scrutiny website that, if this is all about an issue of status, and the foreign country being visited is sensitive to issues of status, then you send the Chief Minister.

    What's that saying? If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing properly?

    Watching this one pan out is going to be fun.

  13. As Bailhache says it's never OK for a Minister to lie so it's probably a good thing that he is only an assistant to a minister. As a man of honour he'll obviously not be applying for the new Foreign Minister's post when it is created.

  14. Yes Baillhache needs the names to concoct stories. Same as the inadequate one so he can go writing filth and bile on his trolling post. Disgusting little wretch.

    1. Yes no doubt. But as to the cyber loon. Isn't it funny that poor, vulnerable HG could be deported on the basis of 'harrassment'.

      Yet highly evidenced examples of this very crime against phone call boy end up just sitting on the AG's desk and are very strangely never pressed. The Jersey Way indeed.

  15. trevor
    do you not think for one moment the idiot gorst has not run all the way back to mad bailhache and told him the names all ready.i do hope you bring a vote of no confidence in jelly fish gorst.but you will never get honesty out bailhache or gorst as i know first hand gorst is a disgrace and a liar.FACT.

  16. From the Youtube clip, we see that Bailhache thinks lying to another Minister is a sacking offence but can we go further and speculate that these words are consistent with him believing that lying to the general public is not a sacking offence - or even just naughty?

  17. Trevor, is it not the case that a member of the public cannot make a complaint to PPC about the words or actions of a States Member made in the States Assembly (SO 156)?

    Is it not also the case that PPC has a positive duty to investigate a States Member where it has information that the Member may have breached the Code of Conduct, whether or not a complaint has been made (SO 157)?

    Perhaps you would like to write to Ian Gorst on the first point and ask him to clarify his advice to the complainant, and indeed it is perhaps something you could follow-up with a question to the Attorney General.

    You might also like to write PPC and ask whether it has commenced an investigation against Phil Bailhache, on the grounds that it is required by legislation to do so, given that there is clearly prima facie information to indicate a breach of the Code.

  18. Gorst will have already told Bailhache who these brave people are who were on the plane because he is Bailhache's puppet so they would be as well going public to further the humiliation of Bailhache for being a liar.

    1. As tempting as it is I have no intention to further humiliate Bailhache. At this point all Gorst has is a name, email adress and and face, no other contact information.

      I have no doubt that Bailhache has been told our names but I have also requested to the CM that he keep this information confidential from anyone so the only people that know our names are Trevor, Gorst and Mr De La Haye, if our names become public then it can only be from Gorst or De La Haye.

      As I have stated to the CM, I have no axe to grind with any states member, I was giving the infomation over to Trevor so it would be investigated, it's now upto Gorst to do the right thing!

  19. Trevor.

    Full credit to the guys on the plane for having the courage, in this culture of fear, to meet with Ian Gorst which, to most fair-minded people, would say Senator Bailhache has been caught out lying. I take it that you have not been contacted by the local State Media on this breaking story? If not then perhaps the guys who came to you (Blogger) will now know they would have been wasting their time going to the State Media.

    Will Ian Gorst hold his Assistant Minister to account? Yeah right!

    1. Quite....very glad I didn't bother wasting my time contacting the state media, I very nearly did! this whole saga has really opened my eyes to how our lovely island is run!

    2. A growing number of people are becoming aware that the local State Media are nothing more than the "powers that be" propaganda machine, this is why they do not get leaked documents the way Bloggers do. The State Media are not trusted and (IMO) you made the right move by taking your concerns to Trevor. If you had of taken them to the State Media chances are you would have had your door kicked in by a 10 strong politicised police force, brought before a secret court on data protection charges and your story would never have seen the light of day.

    3. As I have said befor VFC - if they are going to come I just hope they help tidy up my office!

  20. As pointed out to me ministers demonstrated to have deliberately lied/misled the Assembly are meant to then tender their resignation. Will it happen in this case? of course not.

  21. Trevor.

    Your attitude in your comment at 19:31 is not the attitude we expect from you.

    You, and a few honest others have never had such a good chance to expose Bailhache and Gorst, next Tuesday.

    Don't you agree?

    1. Anonymous

      I don't know what the attitude you exxpect from me? If you have read the comment as being a response from Senator Gorst that I will just except then you have misunderstood the point I was trying to make.

      Should Gorst not, in the words of the businessman made out to be a liar along with me, 'do the right thing' and take his Assistant Minister to task then I will bring forward a motion calling for him (the CM)to be removed.

      After all, the Code of Conduct is quite clear and; even though PPC has all the backbone of a barrel of jelly-babies when it comes to tackling members of the Establishment things like this just can't be allowed to be swept under the carpet.

  22. 5. Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Chief Minister –
    “Following his meeting with the businessmen who raised concern at seeing the Assistant Minister with responsibility for External Affairs reading confidential documents in full view of the public on a flight, does the Chief Minister support the Assistant Minister’s views expressed on 14th May 2013 that the allegations were ‘inaccurate’ and gave a ‘fictitious and malicious account’ and, if not, will he now be asking his Assistant Minister to resign?

    1. I would just point out that the question posted by Anonymous above is NOT the original that I sent in. It has been watered down into the usual, fluffy, sanitized version always demanded by the Bailiff.

      That the member of the public and yours truly were clearly made out to be liars has been airbrushed out of the question - yet this is the key part of the issue at hand.

      Also don't forget that the e-mail I produced was described by Bailhache as 'purporting' to be an e-mail from a member of the public.

      All I can say is wait for the firs supplementary> And also look out for the local Pravda and the MSM to try and airbrush the whole behaviour out of existence.

    2. Trevor,

      Are you able to post the original uncensored version of your tabled question?

      The Beano is not the Rag

    3. This was the original version - a version obviously aalready having to have been 'shaped' to get past the censsorship process. It failed as we all know.

      Oral question to Chief Minister

      'Having now met with the businessmen whose concern at seeing the Assistant Minister with responsibility for External Affairs reading confidential documents relating to the HG abuse case in full view of the public; concern which subsequently led to the businessman's account being called 'fictitious' and 'malicious' and both of us thus effectively being branded as liars will the Chief Minister now be asking his Assistant Minister to resign?'

  23. Just got back from being away and read this. Just one question is at the back of my mind. If I were Gorst i would want to know just what it was that Bailhache was seen to be reading. That would be the clincher as it verifies the story.

    I remember seeing this stated a long time ago, can you - or the businessmen - please remind us all what the diocuments were. I remember that they were a series of emails, but I am not certain

    1. This was verified for the Chief Minister only this week when the businessmen and I met the Chief Minister.

      The details are outlined in full within the post I did on the subject. However to recap they are:

      1. Police witness statements - printed on States of Jersey Police letterhead

      2. A4 page of text messages sent from the victim.

      3. Printed and handwritten briefs of e-mails sent - from memory the handwritten were on yellow A4 paper.

      4. A letter from the accussed addressed to the victim and ssigned off with 'I wwill always love you like a daughter, love Robb.

      The businessman tellingly also stated within this list that a document that was NOT seen is the Korris Report - the very document that in dishing out the 'malicious' and 'fictitious' and 'purporting to be an e-mail from a consituent' comments Senator Bailhache informed the Assembly was the only document he was reading!

  24. Anonymous (13.22)13th June

    'Trevor, is it not the case that a member of the public cannot make a complaint to PPC about the words or actions of a States Member made in the States Assembly (SO 156)?'

    I do not think this is correct as I made a complaint to PPC regarding the 'go slit your wrists' remark made by ex-Senator Perchard to Stuart Syvret in the States Chamber and it was followed through. I therefore cannot see why members of the public could not also make a like minded complaint in regard to our Assistant Chief Minister and wannabee Foreign Minister lying to the Assembly and the public in that very same Chamber, regardless of what position that 'he who would be King' holds on PPC.

    I will listening with great interest on Tuesday Trevor.

    1. GeeGee, you can read for yourself the relevant Standing Order, which I've copied at the end of this post. Section 2(c) is the relevant part of the law.

      It seems quite clear that the businessman in question could make a complaint to the PPC about Bailhache displaying documents to the public on a flight, but not anonymously. However, it is my understanding that his actual complaint is that Bailhache allegedly lied about him to the States Assembly, and 2(c) would not allow PPC to accept any complaint from him, anonymous or not.

      However, in a sense this is moot. Standing Order 157 Section 1 states that: "Where the PPC has information, whether or not received from a complainant, that suggests that an elected member may have acted in breach of the code of conduct it shall, without undue delay, inform the member and investigate the act."

      Since the act of making a substantive complaint is likely to provide information to the PPC, it seems to me that the PPC has a responsibility to investigate Bailhache regardless of having not received a complaint. The detailed information about the documents on display, and the general nature of the complaint, would convince any fair-minded person that the matter is worthy of investigation.

      It may be that your complaint about Jim Perchard was technically not accepted by the PPC, but caused them to hold an investigation under SO 157. Or it may be that the PPC members don't actually know the law and accepted your complaint.


      156 Complaint about conduct of an elected member

      (1) Any person may complain to the PPC that an elected member has breached the code of conduct.

      (2) The PPC shall not accept any complaint –
      (a) which is made anonymously;
      (b) which, in the opinion of the PPC, is frivolous, vexatious or unsubstantiated; or
      (c) from a person who is not a member of the States, regarding words spoken by or actions of an elected member during a meeting.

  25. This thought just crossed my mind - but with all of the talk being driven by Bailhache, Ozouf and co, and the inter-related drive to keep the Constables...

    This week I have had two cases representing the interests of St. Mary residents.

    Now whilst I have honestly been able to say that I have cases on going in EVERY parish; with a parish as small as St. Mary's what does this say about the viewed trust and effectiveness of Constable Juliet 'Deputy Pitman doesn't speah for me in his apologising to a victim of abubse like HG' Gallichan?

    Answers on a postcard...

  26. So good to see a politicia in Jersey brave and willing to stand up for us plebs time and time again. Senator Philip has been totally exposed in my opinion since getting elected. An arrogant bully, self interested and not even that bright if you ask me.

    Come Tuesday he should go and if our very weak Chief Minister hasn't the guts to despatch him I sincerely hope you will bring that vote of no confidence. If nothing else it will allow all of this to be aired in a wider public domain, and no doubt show who are the noddy dogs incapable of standing up to this man.

    1. Thank you. I agree with your comments one hundred percent.

  27. Trevor.

    When you, or fellow Deputies Higgins and Tadier ask hard hitting questions, its only you and Higgins and Tadier who dare fire follow up questions. But you never know, with Senator Le Marquand admitting that there is a good chance that he will not stand again, maybe he will join in?

  28. This case of Bailhache possessing confidential documents so easily seen by witnesses in a public area is rather black and white. It should be simple to determine whether or not Senator Bailhache is above the law or has come to govern Jersey as an untouchable potentate. Good luck with that one.


  29. You have it wrong about Senator Bailhache he is highly intelligent man. He is was also Bailiff which to world readers means he was speaker ( unelected ) in the Government in a controlling position.

    He then was made a Sir and given a fat juicy pension. So pumped up on self importance he then got 19,000 votes to rule Jerseys Government, sorry join Jersey's Government as a Senator.

    In any event and as the public can clearly see, after a string of indiscretions he needs strong Politicians around him to remind him he is in the States to serve, and not be served. This of course is the fundamental problem, you need more good guys and gals than indifferent, lets be honest self serving crap individuals.

    Herein lies the problem,

    1. At first I almost thought this was a Haworth post when I noticed the attempt to blow up how many votes the utterly usless PB got by a couple of thousand.

      But it is interesting to note that just like your businessman who says he did vote for PB last time but never would again this is the message I am getting from many people I talk to. Quite honestly I very much doubt PB could even get a half of the people duped by his 'credentials' last time to vote for him again.

      Far from being intelligent I would also have to say that I am in the camp of a very well known local advocate who told me that when PB was a lawyer and judge he was regarded as being pretty thick if exceedingly arrogant. As the saying goes if the cap fits where it!

  30. "But you never know, with Senator Le Marquand admitting that there is a good chance that he will not stand again"

    Did I miss something?

  31. So - this is the 'shopping list' PB was displaying on the flight.

    1. Police witness statements - printed on States of Jersey Police letterhead

    2. A4 page of text messages sent from the victim.

    3. Printed and handwritten briefs of e-mails sent - from memory the handwritten were on yellow A4 paper.

    4. A letter from the accussed addressed to the victim and ssigned off with 'I wwill always love you like a daughter, love Robb.

    Surely this begs the question how the hell did he get hold of this little lot, in particular Police Statements in which he had no involvement or right to have sight of??

    Do you not think Trevor this also is another question to which you will no doubt receive an untruthful answer in the States?

  32. Surely the last thing we want is a no-onfidence vote in CM Gorst? If it succeeded, there isn't a cat in hell's chance that the footstompers would vote you in as CM. Who might be though - even if he is proven to be a libellous liar?

  33. Why I am writing is because a member of public, a decent honest person, who saw something - was not believed, surprise, surprise. I take my hat off to the member of public who saw 'Philip Bailhache' with certain documents on a plane in broad daylight that he should not have had. That member of public was brave and I believe them! why would a member of public lie? Philip Bailhache, resign! now before you make a bigger fool of yourself! resign....and bring your brother William with you! do us all a big favour!

  34. I guess Philip Bailhache could claim he was privately employed by the Dean of Jersey to act as his advocate/legal adviser and therefore gained access to the documents seen by two of the public on an air-flight - but, as he signed off a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury as a Senator, so difficult to match that up - furthermore no excuse would alleviate the fact he lied to the Chief Minister and in so doing effectively called a States Member (Trevor Pitman), a liar.

    So depending on your chosen phrase, it's either game set and match or check mate!

  35. Anonymous wrote 13th June 13.33:

    "Trevor, is it not the case that a member of the public cannot make a complaint to PPC about the words or actions of a States Member made in the States Assembly (SO 156)?"

    Yes but this Standing Order begins with the all-inclusive:

    "Any person may complain to the PPC that an elected member has breached the code of conduct."

    and then it spells out the exceptions. One of which is the one about "words or actions of a States Member made in the States Assembly"

    Which leaves anyone free to complain to PPC about the actions of Sir PB on the plane. And acciording to Standing Orders PPC HAVE to investigate, unless they can decide that the complaint is "frivolous,vexatious or unsubstantiated"

    So a carefully written complaint would give PPC a headache, (or maybe they would get on with it and investigate.) In taking this decision, of course, Sir PB would withdraw from the discussion as he would be conflicted, wouldn't he?