Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bailhache: the ‘reformer’ again exposed as ‘wrecker’

Of all the many things that can be said about yesterday’s States vote to yet again hold back the tide of desperately needed political/constitutional reform in the Island surely the most crucial point to take on board above all else is this: not only did the manner by which democracy was thwarted see the States Assembly sink to an all time low but ‘Sir’ Philip Bailhache has now been exposed beyond argument as having free rein to abuse the system by whatever means he sees fit to maintain the Establishment Party’s grip on power.

Bailhache, of course, was carried into office by the likes of fawning Establishment organs such as the Jersey Evening Pravda on the back of farcical propaganda that he was the very champion of ‘reform’. That such claims were – as I and others from the progressive Left made clear at the time – utterly fake and in fact highly dangerous for Jersey’s democratic and socio-economic future – have now been proven 100% accurate. What after all it must be asked has the ‘Great Reformer’ Philip Bailhache reformed? The answer is, of course, absolutely nothing.

Indeed, Bailhache's track record on this could not be any more appalling if he tried. lets us not forget his very first move was to hijack and deliberately sabotage the reform referendum - wholly deliberately turning it into a loaded shambles which could only result in one outcome: failure.

In deeply disturbing contrast Bailhache is in truth a political reactionary of the very worst type – a draconian dinosaur in fact. A man absolutely desperate to preserve not only the ‘political stability’ that the Finance industry which has so captured our Island demands of its co-conspirators to guarantee its spiv culture of individual and corporate tax avoidance; but with it the two-tier society of an all-powerful Establishment minority totally immune to the democratic norms of the wider modern world.

And as yesterday shows, terrifying as it is, without outside pressure and ultimately intervention the conclusion must be that in this Bailhache is currently winning. At least until time takes its natural course and he and his aging band of power-obsessed neo-feudalists wither away and pass into an embarrassing history. Anyone who doubts this should simply consider the basic facts of yesterday’s debacle.

In what was so transparently nothing more than a blatant wrecking motion ‘Sir’ Philip Bailhache was allowed to bring an amendment to the Constable of St. Helier’s rehash of former Deputy Shona Pitman’s proposition to put an end to the role of Bailiff and replace this in the States with a democratically elected Speaker and President. Though sad in itself this amendment was, of course, not actually the real problem as I will explain.

It was the fact Bailhache was quite outrageously allowed to bring an amendment which if successful had clear and undeniable potential financial benefit to his own brother: Little ‘bruv’ William after all had already been named in an act of true arrogance and provocation by ‘Sir’ Michael Birt as his successor to the role in advance of the debate.

This is a blatant abuse and manipulation of the intent and spirit of Standing Orders and any claim to the contrary is simply untenable even with the most liberal interpretation of Standing Orders imaginable. Indeed, that ‘Sir’ Philip Bailhache was himself then even allowed to participate in the debate of such an amendment demonstrates just how utterly corrupt and craven the whole system is.

Yet where were the champions of democracy themselves – the voices of the progressive Left – in raising all of this to public attention? From what I heard – and I acknowledge I didn’t listen to the whole debate so depressing was the quality of much that was said within speeches – it appeared they just let the blatant abuse of process pass unchallenged. My word - but not a single one of the Left appeared to stand up to challenge the absolute joke of a claim that the judiciary in the form of the Bailiff could influence or interfere with the democratic process! 

Has no one from the new political party noticed that the Bailiff completely controls what an elected Member can say, what questions he or she may ask and what propositions may be lodged in support of those who elected them? If I missed this then I apologise but regardless it is something surely for the newly announced political party Reform Jersey at least to get to grips with fast if they are to live up to their name as I truly hope they can do.

Who needs a future it might be stated when ‘Sir’ Philip Bailhache can give us a whole new past?  As for me…depressing as the Bailiff debate and abuse of process was I took solace in the fact that I have a project likely to make a far bigger impact on the democratic deficit here in Jersey on course for the early autumn…

Keep the Faith


  1. Bailhache is the biggest reform wrecker this island has had the misfortune of having to endure both as an unelected bailiff and now as a politician and the sooner he and his brother are consigned to history the better. Jersey needs to move forward as a 21st century democracy which will never happen whilst the Bailhache brothers are calling all the shots.

    Your contribution was sorely missed in the states yesterday Trevor because as good as the two new guys are they've not yet gained the Testicular Fortitude of Big Trev.

  2. Trevor.

    See your point of the lefts keeping quiet on the Bailhache brothers complete conflict of interest. But you have to remember that the two new lefts are testing the water. Deputy Mezec made a fantastic maiden speech

    Can you imagine the out cry if he or any of the lefts (old or new) had mentioned the obvious of the Bailhache Brothers....

    Microphones cut off come to mind?!

  3. Just wait for P33 to be passed & P Bailhache becoming our new CM as well - just in time for 2015 & our new Bailiff W Bailhache. What a pleasant thought.....what's the saying again? Jersey, the Island that democracy forgot

  4. It must have been obvious that the amendments were designed to appeal to older voters that do not like change. Why did 45 states members vote for it when the council of misters including Gorst were advertised as wanting the Bailiff out and a more modern democracy.

    The vote should have been no to a referendum ( as apposed to cutting down the number of politicians which should be the peoples choice ).

    Then no again to the bailiff as controlling authority in the States chamber.

    The only occasion that people living on this island have a say about anything is at voting time. It is the one occasion in Jersey politics when we have a chance to bring the " gone with the fairies politicians " back to reality.

    Last time it was Cohen this time many of his close corrupt friends need to be shown the door and join us in the real world.

  5. Heard Murray Norton standing in October.
    If true what to do.

  6. Murray Norton, Maureen Morgan & Jon Howarth are all standing.

    1. We'll Murray is and no doubt the world's laziest candidate Maureen will too - she is obviously desperate. But Jon Haworth the convicted petty criminal? I doubt it - but be could as we can all ask him questions about his abusive stalking behaviour!

  7. Could you please elaborate on your Twitter comment relating to a complaint made or referred to the Court of Appeal in respect of a jurat?

  8. Only a matter of time before Haworth has you in court and no bull.

    1. Oh dear, you do make me laugh! Please Jon Haworth - take me to court - and then all of your victims can give evidence. No more lies about 'moments of madness' for you, Jonnie!

      Yet what really needs to be looked at is how the convicted thug Jon. Haworth was given thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money to take Stuart Syvret - a man he viciously abused along with so many others - to court? Answers on a postcard from the DPC.

      Everything. Syvret said about this sick thug appears to be true so #Proxies

    2. An old comment off Ex. Health Minister Syvret's Blog mention an alleged serial killer (male) nurse arrested with "six firearms & a large quantity of ammunition & 11 stolen syringes & multiple lethal doses of potassium chloride & insulin" and you mention his inexplicable release and witness intimidation.

      In the main text of this posting you recommend listening to the audio recording available at:

      It is a threatening phone call by Jon Haworth where amongst other things he says "Nurse M is going to kill your family" and he effectively boasts of his protection by the police/authorities.

      You say that Jon Haworth is one of the beneficiaries of taxpayers money to bring this data protection super injunction.

      That does seem odd but it would be totally freaky if "Nurse M" were to turn out to be another of the beneficiaries of massive public funding to bring their case against you. That would be too crazy even for the storyline of a film ;-) Surely ?

      [Turns out that nothing is "too freaky" for the Jersey kleptocrats]

  9. Question by a reader put on

    Does anyone have access past the paywall at

    Does this article still exist and does it still state:

    "Governor of the Jersey Home for Boys (Haut de la Garenne) during the 1970s and 1980s was the island's current [now Ex.] Bailiff, Sir Philip Martin Bailhache"


    1. Here is the full text of the article. There is a reference at the end, maybe that link still works. It is very basic journalism, there is no evidence about anything at all, who was what, who knew what, for example, what the term “governor” means with respect to HDLG. Was Philip B one of several governors, the only governor, or the head governor. However it is a useful list of some officials involved, and no doubt the COI will investigate all this thoroughly??

      Senior island officials are caught up in abuse inquiry

      The Times

      February 29, 2008

      A number of high-profile names in Jersey society have been caught up in the child-abuse scandal.

      Channel Television suggested yesterday that among those people who should perhaps have known what was going on at the home was Reg Jeune, once one of the island’s most powerful politicians.

      Mr Jeune, a retired former senator and Finance Minister, was president of the education committee from 1971 to 1984, when police claim abuse was at its worst.

      Former staff at the home include the island’s current director of education. Mario Lundy, who worked at the Haut de la Garenne before its closure in 1986, is one of a number of States of Jersey employees connected to the home.

      Mr Lundy declined to comment.

      Frank Walker, the island’s Chief Minister, said that no current government employees were the “subject of any police recommendation”.

      Mr Jeune declined to come to the door of his pink granite farmhouse on the outskirts of St Helier yesterday.

      Others who should perhaps have known the facts were named by Channel Television last night as John Le Marquand, education committee president in the early 1960s, Herbert Wimberley, the director of education, and Patricia Thornton, the children’s officer. At the time, Colin Tilbrook was a headmaster at Haut de la Garenne.

      Mr Jeune was replaced as education committee president in 1984 by Phil G. Mourant.

      Charles Smith, the assistant children’s officer since 1964, succeeded Mrs Thornton in 1973. In 1974 John Rodhouse succeeded Mr Wimberley as director of education. Jim Thomson, now dead, became superintendent at the home in 1979.

      Governor of the Jersey Home for Boys (Haut de la Garenne) during the 1970s and1980s was the island’s current Bailiff, Sir Philip Martin Bailhache KBE.


  10. Trevor.

    Will the Child Abuse Committee if Inquiry be asking questions of MICK GRADWELL?

    1. I do hope Mr Gradwell will be speaking to the COI ,

  11. I am reading through a 1933 evening post almanac page 37 it gives names of public buildings and names of people in charge of these buildings, one place mentioned is The jersey Home for boys, Gorey, reads Jersey Home For Boys Gorey- for boys of destitute natives and others, the former at the cost of the authorities the latter on a benevolent fund, Directrice : Miss A S Perchard. end, ring any bells? does and others quoted above mean naughty boys and does it mean that a benevolent fund actually paid to keep them there? surely not, in he late 1950s I and my brothers were not always as good as we might have been at home, no involvement with the Police or anything as serious as that, but on many occasions our parents would threaten us by saying they would put us in the boys home to teach us a lesson and that the people there would give us a good belting and stop our food if we missed behaved, the reason I am telling this storey is I remember other children when I was at school telling me that their parents had threatened them the same way, and so the reputation of The Home For Boys must have been well known by many at the time and therefore accepted as a tool to frighten children into being good, (unbelievable).

  12. Trevor.

    Why T F would CI ITV tv make you and your wife's bankruptcy main 6pm news? Disgraceful! Fair play to CI BBC tv. At least they did not even mention it.

  13. Hi Trevor. Good interview on VFC. Can you answer a question for me please? I bumped into a friend and fellow supporter who you evidently know. He tells me you have said that you are going to be taking some time out from blog and net.

    Can you confirm that and maybe tell us why? Wouldn't blame you obviously and I guess you have your Strasbourg material to compile fairly soon.

  14. You most likely won't know this yet but a certain troll who has been abusing you and your wife for years (I won't give him the the orgasm of naming him) has had yet another complaint made about his harassment to the SOJP. Wonder how many that makes now?

    1. Listen to it making effeminate death threats in the recorded phone call here:

      The Nazi party throwback boasts of his protection by the Jersey authorities. Evidently true as it was only bound over for one of his many attacks; and only then because Ex Health Minister Syvret shrewdly complained in court of witness intimidation at his peado-protecting establishment show trial.
      It was caught on tape so they could not ignore it or deal with it at parish hall level.

      How did this Nazi throwback and his dodgy friends get to be awarded over £300,000 to pursue an unprecedented legal vendetta to gag Ex Health Minister Syvret from publishing his knowledge.

      Over to you Emma Martins, awarder of public monies to bullies, perverts & child rapists.