Friday, 24 May 2013


I reproduce below - with full permission - a letter e-mailed from a local resident and businessman to Chief Minister Ian Gorst. Should you not wish to read the explanation here but only the letter itself then simply go straight to the subheading entitled 'Letter' in blue several paragraphs below.
As the reader can see, given this gentleman's quite understandable anger and abject disgust at his - and my integrity - being scurrilously attacked by Senator Sir Philip Bailhache during the last States Question Time he has written to the Chief Minister to demand explanations. Having again contacted me my constituent also copied in PPC Chairman, Constable Simon Crowcroft at my advice. This being suggested as some kind of safeguard (hopefully) that the matter will not be simply swept under the carpet in time-honoured Establishment party fashion.
So I ask readers, does the information and detail contained suggest anything 'fictitious' or 'malicious'?
Indeed, as it has also been described as an e-mail 'purporting' to be from a member of the public; though I have been asked to keep the gentleman's identity anonymous thus far - this being simply due to his understandable fear of repercussions in the true 'Jersey Way' -the original e-mail has also been viewed by a small number of very close political colleagues who can verify its authenticity.
Please read it and make up your own mind. And then perhaps ask your self this: what exactly will Chief Minister Gorst now do about the behaviour of his Assistant Chief Minister? A politician, let us not forget, who whilst regularly lecturing other members about 'respect' (often whilst attacking them personally) is also currently the individual we have to trust to represent our interests in Jersey with the hugely important role of having 'responsibility for External Relations'.
And remember too, Chief Minister Gorst has not only already demonstrated himself to be only too happy to accept, without question, his Assistant Minister's claim that he was only reading the Korris Report - and thus feed this back to the States Assembly as being truthful fact. He has also since attempted to fob me off with the additional line that whatever the Senator has done he was apparently 'not acting as an Assistant Minister at the time': merely a States Member and a member of the Church of England!
So what will he now do? This should - and certainly would - in any professional jurisdiction be the end of Senator Bailhache's 'ministerial' career. After all, Chief Minister Gorst has,of course, recently also been revealed as one of only two complaints to PPC out of many thousands of States employees who I e-mailed simply requesting views about public sector pay and the serious failings within the 'justice' system.
Will he now be asking PPC to initiate serious sanctions against the man we all know is really his political master? Will he be sacking him or demanding the Senator's resignation? My bet? Of course he won't. The Chief Minister just simply does not have the Testicular Fortitude. As for PPC - they only really pursue complaints against political Leftists and progressives.
They call it 'the Jersey Way'. And this is what the people of Jersey will continue to to get so long as they allow themselves to be hoodwinked by people who believe you all exist simply to keep them in power.
Keep the Faith
Letter: 21st May 2013 to Chief Minister Gorst...

Sent: 21 May 2013 14:25
To: Ian Gorst
Cc: Trevor Pitman; aascrowcroft
Subject: Private and Confidential

Dear Chief Minister,

I am writing to you in response to the recent public allegation from Sir Philip Bailhache that I am the creator of a fictitious and malicious email which I sent to Deputy Pitman on 22nd March 2013 so in basic terms ‘a liar’.

You will see below a copy of the original email which I sent to Deputy Trevor Pitman on the 22nd March following a flight that I had boarded on the 21st March.

At this point I would like to point out that I personally do not have a great interest in politics nor do I really have a great understanding of politics but my interest and understanding has certainly grown since the 21st March.

I find it quite unbelievable that Sir Philip Bailhache has publicly stated the information contained in the original email below is of a fictitious and malicious nature. I can 100% assure you that there is only one person in this situation who is fictitious and that is certainly not me.

I have no axe to grind with any of our
current sitting states members and can see no reason why I would. That was until being publicly called a liar from an Assistant Chief Minister when they know the real truth, I really do not feel this is appropriate conduct for any states member.

The short details I have given in the email below are true of the event that occurred on the 21st March flight from Gatwick airport, I was also travelling with my business partner who is also quite astonished at the allegation that has been made towards me of being a liar to which he is happy to also confirm.
I think the question that needs to be asked is if it was fictitious and malicious where would I get this type of information from, ‘ letters from a Robb ****** (signed I will always Love you like a daughter, love Robb)’, maybe Chief Minister you should actually read this letter yourself ,if you have not already, just to confirm this was how it was signed off because I can assure you that neither Mr ****** nor the victim in this would have ever showed me this letter.
So whilst Sir Philip Bailhache still stands by his response that he was only reading the Diocese of Winchester independent review I would just like to confirm to you again ‘exactly’ the details of what I was able to see of what Sir Philip Bailhace had in his possession on that flight of the 21st March from Gatwick to Jersey: 
Police Witness Statements – Printed on States Of Jersey Police Letterhead. 
A4 pages of text messages sent from the victim

Printed and Handwritten briefs of emails sent – from memory the handwritten were on yellow A4 paper.

A letter from the accused addressed to the victim and signed off with ‘I will always love you like a daughter, love Robb’
You will note that in my list above you will not see ‘Diocese of Winchester independent review’ as I did not see this document. 
*The above emphasis in red by me.
Personally when originally giving this information to Deputy Pitman I was merely a concerned member of public that was appalled I was able to see such information being openly read by one of our States members on a plane and at the time I did not really understand the severity of this, now I understand that not only should he have not been openly reading this information on a plane but he really shouldn’t have had it in his possession in the first place, this is something however that I suppose is not for me to question being just a mere member of the public. 
The question however I do feel strongly I can ask: 
Why would an ‘upstanding, credible and honest’ States member deceive the rest of the States assembly in his answering of recent questions from Deputy Pitman regarding the data protection breach by fabricating his answers to protect himself and why would an ‘upstanding, credible and honest’ states member publicly accuse a mere member of the public as being fictitious and malicious when they know this is a complete lie themselves?? 
I guess the answer to that question is: that very States member is not so ‘upstanding, credible and honest’ 
I now find myself in the position that I regret deeply the way I cast some of my votes at the last election and I know for sure that I will not be making that mistake again. 
Since my first email to Deputy Pitman I have always requested he keep my identity private purely as I do not really want to get dragged down with the Jersey way and given the recent response’s from Sir Philip Bailhache I am actually quite concerned as to what else he could be capable of, so I respectfully ask the same of you and those cc'd on this email. 
If you would like to meet me in person just so you can be assured I am not just a fictitious email address then I will be happy to arrange this with yourself and Deputy Pitman in attendance. If you feel it necessary to meet I will also ask my business partner who was with me on that flight to also attend as he is also happy to confirm the validity of this information. 


And a reminder of the original 'malicious' and 'fictitious' e-mail...


Sent: 22 March 2013 16:25

To: Trevor Pitman

Subject: Private Information

Hi Trevor

How are you, long time no see or speak! I trust your life in politics is going well!!??

I am writing to you just to welcome your thoughts on a specific matter that arose yesterday afternoon on a flight back from Gatwick.

On taking my seat on the place I noticed that seated in the aisle seat on the opposite aisle to me was Sir Philip Bailhache to which I certainly commend him being seated in an economy class seat!

What disturbed me greatly was on taking off he produced a large amount of documentation to read regarding the recent issues with the Dean of Jersey. Now not wanting to be nosey of course when you are open to read such information I spent 35 minutes glancing at the various Police Statements, pages of mobile phone text messages (which has now confirmed for me that the police can in fact trace logs of all text messages), letters to the Bishop and letters from a Robb ****** (signed I will always Love you like a daughter, love Robb) just for clarification that I have seen this information!!
Not only was I privy to this information but at one stage an Air Hostess was also glancing at such information while she was waiting for a new pot of tea to be brought to her, she smirked when she noticed I had been watching her read! At one point he was actually holding parts of the documentation up in full view to the person sat next to him while he reviewed paperwork from his knee!

Obviously certain facts and names are kept strictly confidential from these types of cases but now I for one can name the woman in question and others that have involvement because of this lack of discretion of information being reviewed in a public place.

Correct me if I am wrong but I do strongly think that this is extremely inappropriate? I wasn’t sure how was best to convey this information over so as I know you personally I thought you would be a good point of contact or should I write a letter to the JEP?

I welcome your response.



End note...

As a former Senator used to say in the States: 'You couldn't make this stuff up!' Unlike the Establishment who seem wholly unable to tell the truth - even whilst casting aspersions that others who question them are liars.


  1. Chief Minister Gorst. Sack Bailhache or sack your self. Either will do.

  2. Trevor, great post. The public demands an answer.

    Off topic, was there anything useful for you in the Sally Bercow libel judgement?

  3. How dare you publish this and risk embarrassing Senator Bailhache and with it Jersey. Our island depends on the stability that comes from the outside world having total confidence in those few who hold the real reins of power. Publishing information like this risks all of that being undermined. Isn't protecing that perception more important than a poll topping politician reading confidential documents on a plane?

    1. Trev, I think you are missing the irony and humour in the above post. I read it and thought "Ah-hah, this is the work of my learned friend Proud Jerseyman from the JEP website". It is a fine example of his greatest tongue-in-cheek work. :-)

      Come on, it's so preposterous, it's a **** take!

  4. We need the air hostess to come also come forward if possible is there any way?

    1. Anonymous

      In fairness, if a successful businessman has felt the need to discus his concerns about repercussions with his relatives, I very much doubt that an stewardess (who may well be local hesrelf)would feel able to risk doing this.

      As we all know jobs are at a premium in the current economic climate. It just wouldn't be fair - in my view - for me to go seeking her out. Of course, should she be reading this and feel otherwise then she is welcome to get in touch.

      But the fact is we have two individuals who are offering to meet with the Chief Minister. What will he do? i'll tell you. he will hide behind saying that unless they are prepared to have their identities put in the public domain then he 'can do nothing'. Even though he has my constituent's personal letter.

    2. Trevor.

      Spot on. Your constituent(s) are willing to meet with Ian Gorst to prove they are genuine, yet one would surmise, that Senator Gorst will play on their fear of repercussions and insist they go public. This regime only survives on fear and intimidation.

  5. End of career Bailhache, simple as that, well it would be anywhere else in the world but Jersey. If he survives this we are all ****ed.

  6. I've just listened to The Jersey Way recording, Bailhache is toast now, he HAS to resign or be sacked, there is no other option.

    However, note how carefully he chose his words such as "as far as I recall" he then went on to say all he read was the publicly available Korris report, then later admits his the document(s) he was reading did contain names.

    I can tell he was lieing, he knows he was lieing and now thanks to the bravery of this businessman and his partner we ALL know he was lieing.

    Some one needs to get Lenny Harper and Graeme Power to do a guest post on how Bailhache could or should have had access to police witness statements. Then we need game show Mike to answer how this could happen.

    I bet Syvret is laughing his **** off tonight, he may need to rewrite Armageddon 8 quickly. A politician has access to police witness statements!!!! Game over Bailhache, Gorst and Bowron. I mean let's face it they can't even blame it on Gradwell this time can they.

    I am speechless, "you couldn't make it up" goes nowhere near far enough to describe this.

  7. Deputy T.M. Pitman:

    What will he be doing as Chief Minister? What action will he be taking to ascertain the true facts?

    Senator I.J. Gorst:

    As I have just said, if the Deputy has evidence which is contrary to the answer that I have given, then of course I would be delighted to receive it, but the report that all Members of this Assembly could have seen is in the public domain and the confirmation that I have from my Assistant Minister is that that is the document that he was reading on the flight. Therefore I do not, without evidence to the contrary of that, believe that there is any other action which needs to be taken.

  8. Can you confirm whether you helped this gentleman draft this letter ?

    1. Dear Jon or is it Sir Philip.

      The original letter/e-mail arrived out of the blue.

      The current one was sent to me as you see it. The ONLY thing that is different I belieeve is that I noticed the gentleman had one typo - the word 'being' appearing by mistake twice.

      Sounds pretty desperate, grasping at straws to try and suggest I needed to have anything to do with this. Unlike what we learn from the video clips on the Jersey Evening Propaganda blog I do NOT brag about making things up.

      Doesn't it make you proud to know a former judge is happy to smirk in front of an audience about making up law?

      The Jersey Way...

  9. There was never any doubt in my mind from which direction the truth was coming, and now Bailhache has been caught 'bang to rights'.

    What an utter disgrace this man is, and furthermore what a lily-livered Chief Minister we have. It will be most interesting to see what transpires now he has the evidence to hand now, plus the many other issues that arise from this which are all of great concern.

    I will repeat a recent comment - are these really the sort of people we want representing Jersey on the world stage?

  10. What a load of cobblers.
    You and Syvret are getting so desperate for attention its become a farce.
    Just a pair of arseholes and that's the comment from a journalist who reads your sad tweets.

    1. Thanks Jon. Obviously the failure of the court to enforce some therapy is showing what a mistake this was.

    2. Thanks for posting my comment Jon :-)

  11. Trevor,

    In the first round of questioning in the States, Senator Gorst said that Senator Bailhache had been reading the Korris Report that does not contain names.

    Then in the second round of questioning, Senator Bailhache repeated this, that he only read the Korris Report, which is in the public domain.

    He then goes on to say that "the document does contain some information that is not in the public domain".

    The two things are totally contradictory and cannot both be true. On the one hand he says he was only reading something in the public domain, then literally 30 seconds admits that he was reading some things that aren't in the public domain.

    One of those statements is a lie and I hope that you don't let this drop. Let's not forget Senator Bailhache's statement at a hustings in the elections where he said "truthfulness is fundamental. If a minister lies to another colleague that should pretty well be the end of a ministerial career."

    But for me, it is also pretty astounding when Senator Bailhache has the gall to say in the States "I am not going to be drawn further on this subject."

    How dare he! The whole point of questions in the States is for our elected representatives to hold the ministers to account. It is just astounding how week after week both he and particularly Senator Gorst show utter contempt for the whole process by refusing to answer legitimate questions.

    The States of Jersey isn't a board of managers, it is meant to be a democracy. But then again, Bailhache and Gorst wouldn't know democracy if it slapped in the face.


    1. Sam

      Thanks for the comment. I had this very same thought. The two comments are contradictory. Indeed, he can't have it both ways. Or can he? After all, we know the 'law' on Jersey is only applied/enforced according to who you are.

      A great example being deputies Shona Pitman and Geoff Southern being dragged to the Royal Court by the then Attorney General William Bailhache for helping elderly/disabled people apply for postal vote registration.

      All whilst simultaneously two non JDA candiates in the same St. Helier No. 2 district who did the same were not prosecuted.

      We know former Senator Stuart Syvret was prosecuted for a Data Protection breach - whilst both former Senator Terry Le Main and Deputy Sean Power were not.

      We know that Shona and I have been denied a legal, ECHR compliant trial by the Bailiff's Office in their failing to ensure the impossibly conflicted Jurat, John Le Breton (dining mate of a newspaper defendant director!) did not flout rules to sit when he was obliged to recuse himself.

      We know people (same man)who look the other way faced with evidence against predatory paedophiles are allowed to sit for 14 years as Jurats and 'judge' on evidence and fact!

      In the States we see time and time again Senator Bailhache insult Members and yet get away with it where others would be pulled up. We see Ministers refusing to answer questions and even lie.

      And so it goes on. And on. And on.

      No, I won't be dropping this. Obviously the Establishment and their stooges in both 'business' and elements of the MSM are out to try and bury Shona and I because we stand up for justice and democracy.

      But hard as it is we are not bullied so easily. I saw my father die during our bent court case process without his ever seeing justice done for us.

      That is all I need to keep my resolve to stand up against the corruption and the bullies. The 'Jersey Way' cannot be allowed to roll on.

  12. Deputy Pitman, Senator Bailhache has publicly insulted many people since being in office to include yourself, the Plemont property developer, Constable Refault, Deputy Le Fondre and Stuart Syvret and most likely lots more. Why don't you all get together and approach Emma Martins so you can be granted hundreds of thousands of pounds from the taxpayer to take Senator Bailhache to a secret court case and have him gagged?

  13. This should bury Bailhache. But as it won't due to Gorst's cowardise you must then bring a vote of no confidence in the Chief Minister. Probably the only way to get all of these facts out and debated in the full glare of the world media.

  14. If the documents Mr Bailhache was reading on the plane contained no names and was in the public domain why then did he go on to say it did contain names? Where did Mr Bailhache get the documents from if not the police?

  15. Do we have another police chief whistleblower (JEP style) leaking information enabling a case to close subject to insufficient evidence.

  16. Funny how the Jersey Evening Pravda only give the usual slanted report of the e-mail chain going around between States Members. Mine and shona's comments tore this nonsense to shreads.

    This email nonsense was started - much to my surprise - by Constable Steve Pallet. It all revolves around Steve and a few others getting in a huff because some of us actually believe in democracy and fairness.

    In this case a couple of Senators and a country Deputy have been working on a proposition to scupper the shambles of Bailhache's rigged and unfair Electoral Commission referendum.

    Why do I support scraping the whole thing? Essentially, because I believe that St. Helier should not be made second class citizens with regard to weight of voting simply because Philip Bailhache wants a system that guarantees power; and because most of the Constables are scared stiff of having to stand for election in a fair system. Not to mention putting their own careers ahead of democracy.

    Actually, it is all pretty irrelevant anyway because Option B will NOT be accepted by the UK. Well, having allowed non-ECHR court processes, even wrongful arrests they probably HAVE to be seen to stand up at some point.

    Meanwhile, when you read Deputy Sean Power whining on about 'disenfranchising' people you really only have to suggest to him - and his fellow anti-democrats in the chain like Constable Rafault and Deputy Moore - come and tell the people of St. helier why they should not have the same weight of vote as YOUR districts.

    But they won't. Because they just haven't got the TF.And they do not believe in fairness.

    1. "Option B will NOT be accepted by the UK."

      So why worry about it?
      You know some things you repeat just do not add up.

    2. Try and stay with the plot Jonnie. I am NOT a part of thr group putting this together. It is actually led by one of your heroes Senator Ian Le Marquand.

      I simply drew people's attention to the self-interest driven guff being spouted by a few colleagues who hold contempt for democracy and fairness.

      The moves in regard to the Privvy Council - which I talked about even before the loaded referendum took place are quite separate. End of.

  17. The referendum revolt is interesting Deputy Pitman. You are a politician that speaks from the heart and not from ego. There appear to be changing dynamics in the big house.

    Maybe you would comment on why Ian Le Marquand ex magistrate is going head to head with Bailhache also ex judiciary, over the sham hijacked referendum, it has to be a positive step forward no matter which politicians come out in opposition.

    Not wanting to be personal but are the continued basic democratic and bullying tactic's employed by Senator Bailhache, and Senator Ozouf, which to some observers are making the Jersey States look like a banana republic, starting to grate on the majority of members in the States ?

    Jersey's Government could receive praise if many of the members started thinking in the real world and for themselves and dumped Senator Bailhache and his constable weighted biased electoral commissions work and undemocratic outcome in the nearest bin.

    I am aware of several individuals who will be writing to the privy council voicing well founded concerns if " B " is pushed through, again weakening the UK Governments perceived view that Jersey is a well run Crown dependency. After all the facts and truth speak for themselves, once brought to the attention of outsiders !

    1. Anonymous,

      Whilst Senator Le Marquand and I were on different sides of the referendum debate, he was someone whom I had a lot of respect for in the context of this whole issue (obviously there are a lot of things he has done politically that I am opposed to).

      When I put it to him that he was wrong to have voted for Senator Bailhache to have been on the Electoral Commission, he seemed to suggest that with hindsight that was a big mistake.

      I may not have agreed with his point of view on reform (he was backing C because he wanted a fair system but not one that looked like A), but I couldn't fault his sincerity or the principles behind his view. He seemed to genuinely care about fairness, which is far more than the Option B supporters could say.

      On the CTV debate on the eve of the referendum, he said that he would fight against Option B for the rest of his life, and so we should all commend him for sticking to that promise and putting actions with his words.

      It is really helpful for democrats like us to have on our side in this argument a senior minister like Le Marquand. As you say, more and more people are wising up to the true motives of people like Bailhache and Ozouf and our view is less and less perceived as obscurantists shouting form the sidelines, we are becoming mainstream.

      Ozouf spent the entire campaign lying, and I know many good conservatives who voted for Bailhache who have had their view of him totally ruined by his backing of an undemocratic system.

      It's also done a huge amount of harm to the Constables who have blatantly demonstrated they care about their wages more than democracy.

      The divides between left and right are insignificant when it comes to the argument for democracy and that is what we need from now on, a coalition of democrats who just want to get this debate over and done with and get a fair and democratic system for Jersey.

      I too know people who are talking to the Privy Council and MoJ, and if Le Marquands proposition gets a significant number of votes and the politicians who speak in it make a clear case against Option B, it will be weighted heavily by the UK authorities who will then find it difficult not to act.


  18. Ref: Steve Pallet. Just shows what happens when someone becomes a Constable. All of their commitment to social justice goes out of the window. Hope you can sleep at night Mr P?

    1. Can I remind readers of this total gem ?

      Philip Bailhache Stuart Syvret on lies St John hustings Jersey election 4 Oct 2011

      Sir "puppy" says he did not wee on the carpet LOL

    2. Can you send the link again please? Great and telling viewing for all!

  19. Bailhache stating in a speech that if a minister does not tell the truth or lies his career should be finished is a gem which sparkles brighter than any diamond. To view this set against you and Shona getting completely fitted up in our courts ie by your having a man like Le Breton presiding over evidence when he is a known friend of at least one JEP director is totally damning about our island. How can this be allowed to go on by Westminster? You have not said much about this Trevor but to my mind the fact that Michael Birt has not immediately sought to have your court case thrown out due to the obvious conflict of le Breton being there says what a con this all is. Please keep fighting you and Shona have more support than you probably realise. Thanks for exposing the criminal case against Mr Kane as well. My God this island needs purging from the very top.

    1. Thank you. We will. The whole point of not doing what is obviously required - throwing the verdict out as you say - is because the Jersey Establishment simply cannot tolerate any who dare challenge them and their bullies. We saw what happened to Syvret. Similar tactics have been used against we peasants for decades - just consider Norman Le Brocq. The fact that the two who spread these lies about us are now still seeking to benefit from what are clearly not legal court proceedings says it all.

    2. OMG, this Planning Department and Mr Kane case!!.

      I don't know how to tell everyone about it without sounding like its fictitious so its probably just best to wait for the facts when publicly available.

      I've been given the run through today by an insider in the department and it takes a bit of time to understand.

      However, once you do , it has to be the biggest cock-up in the planning department's history. Not because of the alleged offence (which is utter nonsense and cannot be proved) but to which the department are actually guilty of if there is one , but because of what the department have done in procedure by trying to cover up malicious complaints, libel and defamation , plus a damning cover up within the department.

      The minister has to lose his job over this, in my opinion several people in the department need arresting for misconduct and theft.

      this quite obvious corruption justifies an immediate suspension of all directors of the P&E department until a full review is done. The P&E Minister needs to resign immediately!

      Facts that have not been made public will show the whole island exactly what corruption there is here in Jersey.

      when these facts come out it it will disgust and shock you . You want to hear about corrupt court procedures........then get a load of this case.

      It shows exactly what we are all saying of how Government Departments, the Judiciary, local advocates, the Attorney General, and centeniers act in a COVER-UP! you want to see LEGAL ABUSE ? it will make you sick to call this island your home.

      If no one gets sacked for this then we are definitely living in a dictatorship , and if all islanders don't publicly revolt with immediate effect then our democracy is finished!

      I have it on good authority that this case is very high on the agenda of the courts and states risk management radar because of the potential fall out, well they have got that right! lol.

      But the level of the fall out is being underestimated because they simply don't know the facts yet and it is surely bypassing their limited knowledge.

      Its quite clear on the facts and evidence we have seen, that someone in the department isn't being honest with their colleagues!

      Get ready Judiciary and the Planning department, your time has come!

      Oh and to finish this post i would like to just say thanks to the dick-head Enforcement Officer who has cost the tax payer in excess of 200k, its probably going to be closer to 500k when damages are paid.

      Wait until you hear the story about this guy!!! well its his last job in a government department im sure.

  20. I applaud the Business Man who had the courage to stand up and be counted, for the truth for a fair argument. PBailhache has been a complete control freak, he also has stood as a Judge on a trial he had a huge conflict of interest on. Enough is enough, he controlled the ELectoral Commission, then he controlled the Dean's issue, the man is a complete control freak, oh and then Plemont of course. The sooner this man stands down, the better for all of us and Jersey. What's next PBailhache will control?

  21. B will never get passed by the UK, it is totally undemocratic! we will look a laughing stock in front of the world, it should never have been in the referendum! how on earth can you have people with a few votes from the Parish sit in a chamber with politicians that have been fairly elected by the whole of the Island! how can a Man the Bailiff also stand in a chamber unelected! the whole thing is a farce! a complete and utter farce and an insult to mine and the rest of the Island's intelligence! Oh and need I say the Dean! how on earth is he allowed to sit in the Chamber! come on lets sort this out now, before it's too late! I have written to the Queen and the Privy, the more of us who do this the more the UK will take heed and do the job they should be doing, 'Good Governance'.

  22. There was a case in which the Privy Council got involved 'The Michel Case' Jersey Lost and guess what, The Jersey Establishment came after the son. "The Jersey Way". That's the level of corruption we are dealing with here in Jersey. Truly sickening. Keep up the good honest work Trevor! don't give up.

  23. I have just heard PBailhache on radio re: this, I know a liar when I hear one! time to resign PBailhahce. Do it before you make a bigger fool of yourself.

  24. Birt is best friends with Bailhache. They even go to Church together and sit in the front pew of the Church I attend! how on earth did we get here? Birt the Bailiff, his assistant is Philip's Brother! Birt is not even elected to stand in the Chamber and yet he decides on the level of questioning.... how o how did we get here? I applaud the member of public, I applaud their courage, I applaud their integrity! The sooner we change this system the better!

  25. Philip Bailhache 'you are a liar' own up! The member of the Public would not make this up, why would they? you have made your own bed, now you have to go and lie in it! RIP

  26. So Bailhache has not denied being on a flight in which he admits he was reading an "in public domain" document, which oddly enough, contained names not in the public domain, so therefore it must have been a "redacted" version.

    If the Chief Minister believes Bailhache was reading the document, Bailhache claims he was reading and that it was not as Assistant Chief Minister, then surely he should not have answered the question in the manner that he did, he should have just said that Bailhache was on a personal flight and anything he may have been reading was personal and not States business. However, as that appears to be a lie, the new question, is not just that a serving States Member has lied to the CM, but how in his personal capacity did he have access to police statements and telephone records? Also, lets not forget, he wrote to the Archbishop in his capacity as Senator.

    He is up to his neck, so what will he do next!?. Perhaps if he gets to know the name of the person who read the said documents, it will be character assassination time!!

  27. OMG, everyone has got to take note of the case that's going on with the Planning Department and Mr Kane. I cannot believe what ive been hearing yesterday!

    I don't know how to tell everyone about it without sounding like its fictitious.

    It takes a bit of time to understand, but once you do , it has to be the biggest cock-up ive seen in the planning department's history. Not because of the alleged offence, but because what the department have done in procedure !

    Duhamel has to lose his job over this, in my opinion several people in the department need arresting for theft! and the directors of each department need suspending immediately!

    Facts that have not been made public will show the whole island exactly what corruption there is here in Jersey.

    Get ready everyone, when these facts come out it will make your jaw drop, you want to hear about corrupt court procedures........then get a load of this case in the near future.

    This case gets to the plain facts of what many islanders are completely sick of. It shows exactly what we are all saying of how Government Departments, the Judiciary, local advocates, the Attorney General, and centeniers act in a COVER-UP! you want to see LEGAL ABUSE ? it will shock you.

    If no one gets sacked for this then we are definitely living in a dictatorship , and if we don't revolt , as the public, with immediate effect then our democracy is finished!

    I actually think this case justifies shutting the whole department until a full review is done. i cant believe the fall out this guy has suffered for doing nothing wrong!

  28. The Jersey Evening Post article reads The Finance Curse (New Book by Saxon, Christenson) quotes a number of other critics of Jersey's finance industry and system of government, including former senator Stuart Syvret, Deputy Trevor Pitman and UK MP John Hemming.

    That is so very strange because on several occasions I have read or heard you speak about 1.1ks not paying their share of taxes. You have also pointed out rightly so, that the tax burden is now evermore on the shoulders of the working person and business including banks pay less.

    The insinuated opinion expressed by the JP article is that you want an end to finance in Jersey. Did they have a statement from you deputy that slipped under the radar of the working islanders, especially those working in finance ?

    1. Did the Jersey Evening Pravda ask me about the book? don't be silly, Anonymous - when it comes to the likes of me, Shona and the handful of others brave enough to challenge the Establishment and injustice in this island they just make it up.

      Just like they were happy to go along with their client Mr Trower in falsly giving their readers the impression that Shona and I would now be getting '4 x the salary, darling!' from my entering politics - instead of the easily identifiable truth: a big drop in income.

      A falsehood 'editor' Chris Bright even had to acknowledge, under question in court, that he took to be about our income plain and simple - yet guess what: he still never took the trouble to contact me or Shona to verify.

      Of course, he did refuse to accept the same Broadlands 'cartoon' that originally referred to Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur as a 'thief'. No your caring JEP being sticklers for fairness and wholly impartial insisted that had to be changed to 'Chief'!

      Still, why worry when you are able to have a Jurat decide on the evidence in a consequent court case who is an evidenced friend of one of your directors? Yes, that is YOU John Le Breton. The man also happy to look the other way on evidence against his former friend and colleague, predatory paedophile Andrew Jervis-Dykes.

      Blimey, no wonder the JEP speak so glowingly of the Jersey 'justice' system!

      But back to the book. I haven't yet seen it. I wasn't asked to quote directly for it. What is in it I cannot yet say. I will check it out. Nevertheless, I am very confidenet that it will not contain the malicious lies so beloved of our newspaper.

      As for the author of the article, Julien Morel - a question. Julien follows me on Twitter so why couldn't he have just sent me a friendly 'tweet' to ask for a comment?

      After all, as you rightly point out I am NOT in any way just a critic of the Finance Industry. I ask important, relevant questions. I highlight things that are not as they should be. I challenge things that are immoral. I do not attack every facet of it.OK so these are often questions that the likes of our Establishment don't want raised but that's just tough.

      I guess facts just aren't high up on the JEP priority list when they busy trying to paint a certain picture?

      But maybe Julien is planning to offer me a nice big article to explain - uneditored - the questions he and his colleagues are too scared (of their editor?) to ask?

      Maybe I should write a letter?

      Trouble is just thinking of this amateurish, malicious organisation leaves one feeling like being sick in a bucket. I mean, I still haven't got around to writing a reply to the story they faricated about me making comments about the Police Chief that I never uttered.

      Facts, eh - these and the JEP go together as well as... Option B and equality of voting...

  29. Have you seen the Bruce Willing letter in tonight's JEP and do yo wonder, as I do if PB had a hand in it?

    1. Yes, Anonymous. I have read it. the only thing that really needs to be said about is: since HDLG nothing, absolutely nothing has been learnt. The attitude is still close ranks, protect those causing the problems and stuff the victims. The Jersey Way in action.

  30. P Bailhache I am sure wrote the letter for Willing, it's like his style! Willing is P Bailhache's puppet master!

  31. I hope Gorst will be making a statement saying that he is sacking Bailhache from his role as an Assistant Minister. Anything less would be a travesty of justice. And another kick where it hurts for the wrongly insulted businessman who contacted you with his very justified concerns.

  32. Question time next Tuesday should be the end of P Bailhache, if not CM Gorst.

    Even if oral and written questions are censored by Birt and W Bailhache.

    Questions without notice to CM Gorst should without doubt catch them out.

    Deputies Pitman, Tadier, and Higgins....

    Your time for change has never been better.

    Do you agree Trevor?

    1. Anyone noticed how not a one of our MSM have picked up on or reported on this expose of the Senator's attempt to bluster his way out of a resignation?

      All we got was the Jersey Evening Pravda story headed with me calling for his resignation. The rest was basically giving him space to deny it all and pour his usual arrogant scorn and both me and the gentleman brave enough to blow the whistle.

      Well, here we are MSM 'journalists' the truth is out there. My constituent is very real. So is his business partner.

      Clear details of what the Senator was really flashing about in public view have been provided.The offer to actually meet with the Chief Minister has been made and unless Sir Philip plans to tell the Chief Minister it cannot go ahead will take place next week.

      The Assistant Minister has been exposed has happy to mislead both his Chief Minister, fellow Members and the public. all whilst throwing in a bit of personal abuse for good measure.

      What will Ian Gorst do now?

      My bet is a big fat nothing. Maybe that vote of no confidence someone mentioned is the way we will have to go. Thing is there are so many 'cap-doffers'in the States both men would likely still survive.

      What a place our beutiful island has been turned into.

      An utterly unfit for purpose 'justice' system where we have a Bailiff who fails in his task of ensuring jurats aren't prevented from sitting on their mate's court cases etc.

      Not to mention individuals proven to be happy to look the other way on evidence against friends/colleagues who are predatory paedophiles being allowed to become jurats (yup, same man!)

      Hijacked electoral Commission's putting forward non-ECHR 'reforms' aimed simply at keeping the power in the hands of self-delued 'elite'.

      Secret court cases with convicted thugs being given our taxpayers' money to prosecute individuals they themselves were abusing.

      It goes on and on. and it will do so so long as only a few of us are brave enough to put our head up over the parapet. changing this is the key to changing all that is bad and anti-democratic.

  33. Agreed, Sir Philip Bailhache, your arrogance has at last caught up with you! You have made the rules now you have to live by your rules! resign and do it now, with the little bit of integrity you have left.

  34. Trevor.

    Bet the meeting with the CM is after Tuesdays States Sitting.

    No doubt another delay tactic?

  35. Trevor,

    Off topic, but an important reminder of your question without notice to the Home Affairs Minister on 14th May 2013:

    5.4 Deputy T.M. Pitman:

    Given that when he gave evidence to the Scrutiny Panel that I then chaired and indeed within this Assembly, the Minister confirmed that all the evidence pointed to the leaking of information to the U.K. media during a live child abuse investigation that led back to the chief investigating officer who had replaced Mr. Harper and he thus named Mr. Gradwell. Can the Minister therefore clarify if he has now forwarded details of the internal inquiry carried out in Jersey about all this to Operation Elveden in the U.K?

    Senator B.I. Le Marquand:

    I have not forwarded anything to Operation Alpha. The local police force are, of course, working in co-operation. I am assuming Operation Alpha is the investigation in relation to historical abuse by celebrities and such like people. I know that the local police force are actively assisting in relation to that. But, it is not for me to be involved at what is clearly an operational level.

    5.4.1 Deputy T.M. Pitman:

    A supplementary, if I may. If we only go back to the last Assembly, there were some, I have to say, wholly wrong efforts by certain Members of the last Assembly to cast dispersions on Mr. Harper’s reputation. Now, the Minister did give that evidence that Mr. Gradwell had leaked this information. There is the Operation Elveden going on. That officer was seconded to the Jersey force, but he still came under U.K. legislation, so why is that important information leaking evidence not being forwarded?

    Senator B.I. Le Marquand:

    I now understand what Operation Alpha is, I did not know it under that particular name. This is to do with police officers providing information to the press. I have indeed been asked the very same question recently by a member of the public and have agreed that I will discuss that with the senior police officers. I am sorry that I misunderstood which operation it was.

    What happens next? Will the Minister discuss the issue with senior police officers and then decide to take no action? Or will he forward the information in his possession to the Metropolitan Police Operation Elveden team? Please follow this one up.

    1. Don't worry. This is not being allowed to slip under the carpet.

      With the deadline for written questions being brought forward due to the Bank Holiday it threw a number of people including me.I also have other issues to take up as you will understand.

      But I am sure we ('we'? Oh no - I sound like Mad Jon!)will get something in for the 14th June.

  36. Why haven't you logged any questions for Sir Philip Bailhache next week?

    1. anonymous

      Because the Chief Minister is up for questions without notice and this way he doesn't know in advance what I might be asking him!

      Secondly, I also have a second question not yet on the order paper which the Deputy bailiff wanted proof of before he would allow it. I have now provided that proof so it should go ahead. Another very interesting 'legal' question.

  37. Can't answer anything else tonight as looking after my mum who is not well.


  38. The Chief Minister or Ian Gorst as we know him is away until Wednesday is he not? Please do ensure that you ask questions about this disgusting affair upon his return.

    Philip Bailhache's behaviour has been disgraceful since the first day he became a States Member. This is a sacking offence and Gorst must stand up for once and be counted. These sorts of people are ruining our island.

    1. They are also ruining the Church of England!

    2. Perhaps, as a constituent said to me, they are doing Satan's work?

  39. Please keep the pressure on the chief minister you are one of the very few people who has any testicular fortitude to stand up and be counted. I wish I hadn't helped Rod Bryans get elected now and will be voting for you in future because Bryans has turned out to be a wet mattress.

    1. Thank you James. I will.

      You are obviously not that pretend 'James Le Gallais' - real name Jon - who BBC Jersey keep allowing to flood the airwaves with 'his' comments even though they know he is an internet troll and deeply disturbed drunken fruitcake?

  40. Trevor. My Gran is 72. She is a really decent person always willing to help others. I asked her about the Baillhache data stuff. She had heard nothing about it and if it was not in the JEP it could not be true. She then blamed "That awful Tadier person and the Pirmans" I despair.

    1. The truth is so many have always taken their 'opinions' from what the media told them was true. But that is changing slowly.

      Just have a chat with her and print out a few copies from the blogs.

      You might also point out that Bailhache has done the exact opposite of almost everything he told people to get elected.

      Then perhaps you could ask her: Gran - do you think it is right or safe that Jersey allows people who look the other way faced with evidence against predatory child abusers to become jurats and rule on 'evidence'?

      As a decent person I know she will be horrified.

  41. Should you ever need them Trevor I have been taking regular screes shots of the sickening and cowardly hate sites run by that psycho Haw-Haw. I know he thinks he can get away with what he does but the times they are a-changin' no matter how slowly. Should you ever need them I will be happy to provide. Will send you my contact details. Keep speaking out for the 'little' people.

    1. Thank you. The police already have copious files of complaints against this sad and embittered little thug. What goes around comes around as they say...

  42. "The Finance Curse" is a free PDF download (89 pages) and can be downloaded (1.9MB) from this blog posting. (

    Thanks Trev

  43. Doesn't it say it all that the JEP, Channel and BBC Jersey have said not a thing about your exposing of the true facts behind Senator Bailhache's stupid and arrogant behaviour on a flight from Gatwick?

    I know others have said it already but if Gorst will not ask him to resign then you simply must bring a No Confidence vote in the Chief Minister.

  44. Bailhache wants to be a dictator. He just hasn't got (if I may use your quite wonderful term) the Testicular Fortitude to openly do it.

    1. At least Sir Philip does not act like an prick on a blog and twitter account every night like this loser.
      I am looking forward to the PPC debate on States Members conduct on 18th June.

    2. I was too Jonnie. Its about time we all discussed Bailhache's fortnightly personal attacks and his misleading the Assembly and insulting a member of the public over his reading documents on the flight from Gatwick. Just a shame the proposition has been wirhdrawn eh?

  45. A vote of no confidence in the Chief Minister Gorst ? As members of the States converse away from the public arena any politician bringing a proposal will know soon if it stands a chance of success. Gorst well entrenched and although lacking backbone is not the worst of the bunch.

    Should he made to go however, which Minister or other person would dive in to the vacant position ? Be careful in what you wish for.

  46. Trevor.

    Well done for getting your question 14 allowed.

    But another question that should not be underestimated. is Deputy Higgins. Attached:

    1. Deputy M.R. Higgins of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Home Affairs –
    “Will the Minister explain to the Assembly whether he has yet called in an external police force to investigate the complaints of perverting the course of justice that have been made against the Chief Officer and Deputy Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police by ex-police officers and others and, if not, why not?”

  47. Trevor,
    I had not heard of this, until reading your blog. To clarify a point for the business man who sent you the email (and for any reader), I work for one of the Island's phone companies. Anything done through a phone (mobile, fixed, or even broadband usage) can be traced for a certain amount of time by the telephone operator.
    We are indeed obliged by data protection law to keep all of this information secret. However by the same rules, we have to provide all of this information to police or customs etc. if it is requested. That statement may worry some people, but this information has to be requested by senior officers, and paperwork signed by them quoting case numbers and warrant request numbers, so that if this information was to get out, it can be traced to who requested it and for what reason.
    The requests we get usually fall into one of two categories (evidence for criminal trials (e.g. text messages showing proof of drug dealings), or locating geographically where the mobile phone was or is at a certain time). Some may say that this is an invasion of privacy, but as a phone company we are required by law to do this for the police, and certainly in the case of the second request type, it is often to help police locate someone who has phoned up and is attempting suicide, or it has been used to help them track the movements of a suspect in a sexual assault case, which they can then tie up with CCTV.

    The point I am making, is that it is not unusual for the police to have documented phone records, text messages, internet usage etc. during an investigation. The problem here is that how has that information been passed on to someone who is not directly investigating an alleged crime, and then openly flouting it in a public place. To my mind that would say that the police are not following data protection rules for evidence that they are in charge of.

    As for him lieing about it all during question time, and the fact that it will be swept under the carpet, because gorst has not got the guts to stand up for anything comes as no shock. Just glad that there are a few of you willing to risk abuse and ridicule for standing up for the common man, and what is right, rather than sitting back and letting the corrupt people that run the island get away with it unnoticed.

  48. Why does the Solicitor General always sound like a snooty, sulky public school boy when answering questions? You can almost feel the petulence and the ego telling him he should have to answer questions from anyone.

    Having said that you certainly made him look desperate today with your questions. I have not always agreed with Stuart Syvret but like you said everyone is entitled to a fair trial and hearing. Not that this happens in Jersey very much as you and your wife could attest.

    Well done and please also make sure you don't let the Senator Bailhache issue drop.

  49. It was heart-warming to hear from the SG that Crown Advocates always had Stuart Syvret's best interests at heart.

    Almost makes you think: maybe the Law(less) Office sent 10 policemen around to kick his door in because they thought he might be cooking a curry without his shirt on i.e. Pryke's Health Police-style?

  50. Interesting Guardian article tonight

    "Cameron calls in tax havens ahead of G8 summit in June"

  51. Trevor
    Will you be meeting with the Justice Select committee MP's today ?? If so, I do hope that you will bring up their concerns in their last report (2010) to the Secretary of State for Justice with regards to the fundamental breakdown of the Rule of Law, endemic corruption within the government and endemic corruption within the Judiciary in the Crown dependency state of Jersey, as I for one would like to hear their response